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September 24th, 2008 at 1:02pm

Welcome to the first post on my new Spool Photography blog. The Spool Photography blog will be somewhere I intend to showcase my latest images, with some tips and handy hints to the locations that I shoot.

To kick things off for the first post here is an image I recently took on my travels to the island of Maui.
This image was taken towards the end of the day when the winds from the north of the island seem to pick up and cross the mountain peaks in search of the pacific ocean on the southern side. Every evening I was in Maui I experienced this and while is never rained on the southern side of the island, you could easily see the rain over mountains and within the valleys of Maui. Quite spectacular to witness each evening.

This image is for sale as a Fine Art Limited Edition Print –  Maui Mountains


  1. Congrats on the new site Neal!

  2. Thanks Levi, its been a long time in the planning but its been worth it. It has turned out better than I had planned.

  3. Congrats on the site mate , glad to see it up and running . Looks great

  4. Thanks Kirk.

  5. Beautiful site Neal,looks amazing!!

  6. Thanks Mel

  7. Neal..
    Awesome new site mate……. I t looks great.


  8. Gorgeous site Neal, it looks very classy and very web2.0 cool ! Really like the “In your home” feature!
    Only thing, it seems to load very slowly here in Denmark, I’m on a 10mbit and it takes a long time to load your frontpage.

  9. Thanks Flem

    I have had folks in the US / Canada and Latvia test it and it seems to be cool. Not so sure about Denmark, are the levies closed there or is there water in the pipes :)

  10. It’s bleedin’ slow here mate, so someone must have left a server standing on the fibre cable or something :D

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