Hamersley Gorge

April 12th, 2011 at 8:24pm

Well I am just back last evening from an amazing five days inside Karijini National Park … This time I flew up to Port Hedland instead of the 16hr drive each way to save some time … But maybe next time I would not fly into Port Hedland, it is still quite a drive to Karijini National Park from there …

While inside Karijini National Park I experienced all four seasons. With heavy rain overnight to misty showers for a full morning providing a great opportunity to photograph in overcast conditions, perfect blue skies with amazing clouds on another day to a cool morning and some very warm afternoons with thunderstorms brewing and the odd lightning show thrown in each evening, it was all on show and I lapped up every opportunity presented.

Hamersely Gorge was one of the gorges I never had the chance to visit in 2010 so this time round it was a must visit spot, regardless of distance, I wanted to see it … And I am so glad I did. Hamersley would be my favourite gorge to photograph. I love the beauty of the smooth water curve stone that surrounds the gorge it reminded myself of the erosion one sees inside the subway canyon inside the USA. Photographing the gorge for a few hours trying to capture as much as I could up an down the gorge spending sunset on the top of the gorge looking over over the Hamersley Ranges (images to come) ….

This particular image was taken inside the Hamersley Gorge and the first of a series I will be posting for Karijini National Park over the next few weeks … With many files and I think there could have quite a few quite nice landscape images from this stunning location in Western Australia’s North.

To purchase this landscape image of Hamersley Gorge please visit this page within the site http://www.spoolphotography.com/open-edition/western-australia_2/hamersley-gorge/


Still for sale
1 Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS USM lens for sale $1200 includes soft case and lens hood … SOLD
1 Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 Mrk II lens for sale $1300 includes soft case and lens hood …

Interested parties please email me at spool1968@yahoo.com

Cheers Neal


  1. Adrian Wayte said April 12th, 2011, 10:06pm:

    The tones of this image from the small waterfall to the grey canyon wall with its etched features marry well with the burnt orange reflection on the water to the rock face on the left. One sublime image. Schiender Optics ?

  2. All mother natures work Adrian … all the walls are grey in this canyon until the right time of day … no Schiender sorry ….

  3. Sweet shot mate…as usual!

  4. Cheers Mark ….

  5. cracker

  6. Rod Thomas said April 13th, 2011, 4:26pm:

    Love it mate……

  7. awesome work man. it’s amazing how this gorge transforms isn’t! you see these pics and think wow! but if you’re not there at the right time you really feel robbed. i think out of all the gorges- this one is the ugly duckling. the others take all the credit, but when it’s on it’s simply unbelievable! :-)

  8. Beautiful image Neal, nearly abstract!

  9. Thanks Stephen .. i could not agree more … when this gorge went off it was something special … I did get your email but was pretty much on my way up at the time … Next time for sure ….

  10. Thanks Tim … The real abstract is coming … I think you’ll like it as I like it a little more than this one … Some in camera motion blur and the raw files look sweet ….

  11. Thanks Rod

  12. Cheers Andrew

  13. Hi Neal, I have just stumbled across your work amongst researching ways to get to the Gorge someday myself and wanted to acknowledge your beautiful shots. They are breathtaking images of a totally breathtaking place… thanks for sharing :)

  14. Thanks Heidi, thats very nice of you to say ….

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