Working within Black & White Tones

May 6th, 2011 at 12:29pm

As some may know I am a big admirer of good quality Black & White landscape photography and recently I have not produced much in the way of new black and white images, one being the landscapes have to lend themselves that way and I have not really been in the right locations to produce this, and secondly I have been working towards trying to improve through tone my black and white images. For me black and white photography is less about the absolute black and white and more about achieving tones within the zones more specifically zones 2 and 9 ( zone 2 black with hint of detail – zone 9 nearly white ) ….

Here is my latest attempt and trying the pull the viewer into the forest  … I called it forever because hopefully these California Redwoods will be around forever ….


  1. Nice, Neal! Has a luminosity to it that really brings out the bark texture.

  2. Thanks Tim, the true depth is more apparent when printed, Jpegs for these type of landscape images do them no justice ….

  3. must look pretty good at full res!

  4. Cheers Tim … Yeah I am pretty happy with it …. Something different …

  5. Yep that works mate!

  6. Cheers Mark …. I have a nice vintage looking image I worked up last week I’ll post later today ….

  7. Sometimes I tend to forget about the black and white option, but just recently did some of a ruined stone packing shed. Some subjects just scream out to be monochrome! Very impressed with the amazing dynamic range on my Pentax K5. Great for B&W so will have to do some more. Would love to see that printed LARGE!

  8. Thanks Greg, I am trying to achieve better tones through my black & white photography and not just the usual straight black and white where the important of grey tones is totally overlooked … I have not added this to the galleries as yet so have not had a chance to see it printed large at say 30 inches … but hope to soon …

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