West Australian Wildflowers

August 30th, 2011 at 2:34pm

Well it is that time of year although when the outback of Western Australia comes alive with the colours of our wildflowers. Although very brief before our scoring summer sun takes over the wild flower season brings visitors both local, interstate and from around the the world. This passed weekend I ventured out for a couple of nights with fellow photographer Mark Stothard to see if we could capture some colour. One of the first images I have so far ready is this image of the morning light bring out the amazing colours of pale yellow and pink wild flowers just off the side of the great Northern Hwy near Paynes Find. I am not sure the names of the wildflowers we saw other than they are all WA wildflower everlastings and when in full bloom is quite a sight to see in the Western Australian bush.


  1. Very sweet image Neal, have to make it over there at that time one day!

  2. Cheers Tim … and when you do give us plenty of warning, we’ll head out for some shoots …

  3. Wow… that’s magnificent. I was just wandering around the Gascoyne and Mid West last week and was surprised to see wildflowers still going up there. Nothing like this though. THis is insane.

  4. thats great … must be all the rains we have been having Charlene as I thought it would of been all long gone by now … Thank you for the nice comment on the image …

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