A quiet sunrise at Apollo Bay

September 15th, 2011 at 5:59pm

One of the worlds best scenic drives in the Great Ocean Road Victoria. While I have been lucky enough to have traveled it 3 times now I only wish I could do it more often. There are so many nice locations to stop and taken a picture of just take a moment to enjoy the salt air and stunning views and the diversity in types of landscapes is large. One moment inside a rainforest at a waterfall the next at an amazing secluded beach or looking over green lush farms in the many valleys that are in the region. Recently I was asked by a fellow photographer visiting Australia what to look for on the Great Ocean Road besides the Apostles … I left them know about a few of my favorite places in the area and I hope they have come away with some nice images, one that I have seen was very original and nice …

Here is a sunrise shot taken along Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road … A road trip every Australian should try and do at least once …


Apollo Bay Great Ocean Road Victoria is an Open Edition Print




  1. Great Shot Neal. love those colours.

  2. Very nice seascape Neal, great colour!

  3. Thanks Tim ….

  4. what a location to have shots ! these scenic beauty is there for moments and i wish i would enjoy those moments again and again!it would have taken several shots to have this beauty!

  5. Pastel Perfection!!

  6. thank you very much katrina

  7. Neal I love your photo of sunrise at Apollo Bay and also the Hopetoun Falls. They are fantastic. Funny when I read how you have been there 3 times and would love to go more. I live 30 minutes from the beginning of the Great Ocean Road and rarely go down there. You have inspired me to make the most of our beautiful coast line. Camera is at the ready and now to organise a day down there.

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