Stirling Ranges Western Australia

September 6th, 2011 at 9:40pm

While on a flying 3 day trip to Western Australia’s southern coastline I stopped by the Stirling Ranges on the way back home … With fast moving clouds and some nice soft light between showers I managed to capture this landscape image of one the most stunning areas in Western Australia, the Stirling Ranges …

The stirling Ranges are a series of very old mountains dating back over 600 millions years that lie around 340km’s southwest of Perth the capital of Western Australia …


Next up for the blog should be a few new australian landscape photographs from the state of Victoria … Till then enjoy my latest panoramic image of the Stirling Ranges, Western Australia ….


  1. Great shot Neal nice detail.

  2. Thanks Cleggy … It has been sitting in my working images folder for around 9 months when I finally moved around to finishing it off yesterday …. I quite like the landscape as well …. Will look very nice on a high quality canvas …

  3. Nicely done Mr. Spool!

  4. Cheers mark

  5. Inspiring, as always. Love the subtle play of light on the sides of the ranges!

  6. Thanks Paul thats a very nice comment for you to say …

  7. Nice image Neal, hard to get good detail and drama with o/cast skies, but you have nailed it here!l

  8. Cheers Tim …. i tried to make the mountains really flow into one another … almost like a razorback ridge if that makes sense …

  9. Great work Neal, love the soft tones against the hard mountains.

  10. Thanks Greg …. something a little different from the norm …

  11. The beauty of this mountain range never fails to surprise me, and you have captured that beauty wonderfully. It is nice to see it from the other end of the ranges.

  12. Thanks Katrina for visiting and commenting on my images …. I like this angle much more than the normal view one see’s of the ranges …

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