Abandonment On Hwy 395

November 6th, 2011 at 12:38pm

Recently I added an image to my Facebook Page that was quite a departure from my normal type of image. While I had taken the image some 2 years ago the post production was never completed for a number of reasons, one being I had a complete mental block on the image until recently … The original posting on the Facebook Page was somewhat darker in a number of areas and a few folks had mentioned that I could do with lightening up the left corner a little more … Thus leading to this posting of the new post post production of the image …

Thanks to those that helped put with the constructive critique and artistic approach of this image to enable this image to get to where it is right now … One of my favorites in recent months ….



*** Without borders and image title  Abandoned Home Hwy 395 ***


  1. Very nice Neal! Great processing.. Can’t wait to get over there in a few weeks!!

  2. Very cool image Neal! Gives me some ideas about a couple of mine!

  3. I love the composition of this image, it’s an amazing shot. I love the post-production, it gives the image a great feel :)

  4. Thanks Steve …. you gonna have a blast … a million and more things to photograph

  5. Thats cool Tim … I will be checking back to your site to see what you post … thanks for the kind words yet again … cheers Neal

  6. Thanks Paul … I think I shot 3 or 4 compositions on the morning and the post production well that has taken a while to work out where to go .. but happy with it now …. cheers again for the kind words …

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