Large Framed Australian Landscape Images

November 18th, 2011 at 3:16pm

Recently I had a request for a size of image I do not normal do. The client wanted the image to be a certain size and aspect ratio. After a couple of attempts at finding the right size and ratio we settles on 70 inches by 40 inches. Sending the file off to print I was a little nervous about the size. While everything looked good on the monitors, one still has a little reservation on printing this large until the final product is seen and inspected.

Well after printing I was very happy with the result, and then onto the framing, again nervous about size and type of frame that would be used. Earlier today I was able to see the final product before delivery to the client and I must say the size and scope of the print and subject matter was stunning and while I am always hesitant to pipe up and sing a little praise about my work but this time I will for a change. I think the final product from landscape photography, to the print quality from my printers and framing from the framer Chris at Leamac is as good as anything I have seen before in a landscape photography print and framing anywhere.

The clients final product ….




  1. Mate, it looks great!

    Same thing with me – just printed 50 x 71 inches today on a special request.

  2. they look great printed so large don’t they … I wish more folks bought a single large piece for their home and/or office …

  3. Mate that looks amazing! I just sent off a special request.. but it wasn’t anywhere near that size!

  4. Cheers Paul …. yeah this was pretty large for me … while i have done quite a few 70 by 23 inch prints this was the first time for 70inch by 40 inch other than a few wall backgrounds etc

  5. That loks good, Neal. How did you do the resize, what size file did you start from, and what res did you print at? I’ve never had to do a print so large. It’s a scary thought.

  6. Wow, that looks frigging awesome. Did you do anything special to enable printing at that size or do your RAW files have sufficient resolution already?

  7. Looks great mate! Be awesome to see your work that big!

  8. cheers Steve …

  9. Thanks Charlene .. No not really, It was around 11000 px to start with at a 3:1 ratio and then cropped again at 17.5×8 ratio and then resized … The image is pretty clean and from past experience the less post work on a file the larger it can get … plus shooting in the lens and cameras optimum settings, I think also because there is no magentta in the image also helps … and in the end I was quite surprised it came out so sharp and clear …

  10. thanks Jeff … I just replied to Charlene’s post that maybe helpful to the questions you asked …

  11. Thanks Neal.

  12. Wow-Looks great! you must be very pleased…and remember that an image that big will be hung and should be viewed from a distance. As photographers, we tend to walk up as close as possible to examine every print dot….’normal’ people don’t do that, they just enjoy the image! Not that we’re not normal…just too picky ;-) Chris does a great job of framing too, I’ve used him in the past for work for corporate clients and the framing has always been to the highest standard.

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