Great Ocean Road Workshop

October 23rd, 2012 at 10:17am

4-6 December 2012
Great Ocean Road Workshop

Join myself as we shoot some of the best locations along the Great Ocean Road, shooting some of the areas most stunning scenes at the best times of day. I will instruct you in the field when we shoot and when we are not shooting in the best possible light i will be showing you my digital post production workflow and tools I use.

We will be shooting waterfalls, forest and the Apostles over the course workshop. This is my last workshop for the year. All meals, transport and accommodation is provided on the workshop. Workshop numbers are very limited and small so I can spend quality time with each person. Please contact myself for further information and to reserve you spot today at ….



Workshop Includes

  • Composition
  • Using the conditions to your advantage
  • Camera Raw processing
  • Blending through luminosity clusters
  • Luminosity masks
  • White point
  • Curves
  • Levels
  • Selective image contrast
  • Painting light with levels and curves
  • Increasing dynamic range without getting that awful HDR look
  • Blending layers to achieve desired tone, clarity and vibrance
  • Preparing images for final internet presentation through to print

And some neat tricks I have developed through years of trails …

If you would like a workshop in your area please register your interest at …. We already have registered interest in 2013 for the Central Coast NSW, and Tasmania …

Refund and cancellation policy


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