Palm Cove

July 5th, 2015 at 10:39am

Sunrise At Palm Cove A Tropical Paradise

Last May I had the chance to spend a week in Far North Queensland, traveling from Cairns through to Cape Tribulation just north of Mosman Gorge and Port Douglas.

One of the morning well before dawn I woke na drove up to Palm Cove as I had heard there was a small grove of Coconut Palms growing right on the beach. Arriving the the dark lucky for me there was already a cafe open and the coffee of the morning in 20+ degree tropical weather was a welcome change of pace from the month earlier when I was in Iceland and freezing my ass off in sub zero tempretures and gale for winds.

As the scene came into light with the break of dawn and the warm sunlight lite up these super tall coconut palms right on Palm Cove I starting taking as many images I could to capture the coconut palms and Palm Cove itself in the best possible way.

This image is not available as custom size prints through the website link hereĀ

Image Title “Palm Cove”


palm cove coconut palms far north tropical queensland


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