California Redwood Forest Prints

September 28th, 2015 at 7:18pm

Deep inside the Great Otway National Park in Victoria lies a small but very impressive grove of Giant California Redwoods (Sequoia trees). Yes thats right, right here in Australia we have some of these amazing giants. Planted by a farmer in 1939 these 100 or so giants lie deep within the forest but are very easily accessible but car and a very short hike, very short.

Last winter I took a trip out to Victoria to seek out and photograph these amazing tall trees. Arrive late in the day there was as per my other visits no one around, the low afternoon mist was beginning to rise through the canopy and the late afternoon sun came streaming in. I had hoped for this and had heard of this but to experience it under the canopy of these giant California Redwoods was something else. While it only last a few moments the memories will last forever.

Now available as a photographic print Giant California Redwoods

Australian Landscape Photographic Prints – Giant California Redwoods (Sequoia trees)

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