Canola Fields Of Western Australia

September 17th, 2015 at 10:13am

Last week I took a long country drive to see if I could find some nice canola fields to photograph. Escaping the heavy rains on the coast I traveled inland far enough to find something nice to photograph and hopefully get the other side of the storm front.

It seems the canola season is a little patchy this year with a lot of fields not planted with canola but with wheat instead. This could be a great bonus as soon as the wheat fields mature and the warmer months.

In the meantime I think I finally have the canola image I have wanted to capture for a few years. I nice massive field with canola in full bloom as far as the eye can see and some awesome storm clouds in the distance about to burst and pound the area in much needed late season rain.

If you are interested in purchasing this image as a print or stock image please contact me of follow this link Western Australian Canola Fields

Australian Canola Field Landscape Photography By Neal Pritchard

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