Lake Ballard

September 13th, 2015 at 10:47am

Recently I took a trip out to the goldfields and in particular Lake Ballard. Lake Ballard is around 2 hours north of Kalgoorlie which is around 5-6 hours drive east of Perth, Western Australia, so a long way to drive for the one night I was there.

Arriving close to midnight after leaving my home around lunchtime the 10+ hour drive with a few stops along the way was maybe not the best timing as next time I think it would be much better to drive before sunset which will meaning leaving before dawn. I also think spending 2 nights there would be best with that amount of driving to get there.

Once I did arrive I set out to try and capture some images during the almost full moon that was right over the Lake Ballard. I took a few images with them being around an 8 minute exposure between midnight and 1am when there clouds had thinned enough to allow the a decent exposure.

The next morning I hiked up the highest vantage point I could find as I wanted take some images of the sculptures that dot the location from a high vantage point with the texture of the dry lake bed and the way the light was illuminating each scene quite unique.

Here are the first of the series I have from the area. I hope to have a few more up in the next couple of weeks and again later in the summer when I plan on returning during the summer storm season.


lake ballard australian landscape photography by neal pritchard

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