Patagonian Photography Tour 2016

October 25th, 2015 at 4:16pm

Very happy to announce the most amazing photography tour yet.

The 2016 Autumn Patagonia Tour in both Argentina and Chile

I have been invited to join acclaimed photographer and friend Greg Boratyn and his tour of Patagonia in 2016. Greg is a leading landscape photographer that has visited and photographed Patagonia. His stunning landscape imagery can be seen at Evening Photography

One of the most stunning locations of earth for landscape photography we will be traveling with one of the best there is plus local on the ground guides that will be sharing their intimate knowledge of the land. This promises to be a trip of a lifetime.

I can offer 4 people either serious photographers or maybe you just carry a point and shoot camera/video and just want to see and experience this amazing land with quality ground guides with local knowledge on this amazing Autumn Tour of Patagonia.

If this is something you think you would like to be involved in please let me know asap as I am sure the spots I have been reserved for this tour will fill very fast … or 0406 408 317 and I will send you the full PDF info pack on the Autumn Patagonian Tour

The Dates of the tour are April 10 – 21, 2016

Here are a few of Gregs images of Patagonia to wet your appetite for the most amazing photography tour on earth.

For full information on the Patagonian Tour April 2016

Patagonia workshop’s highlights: We will see both sides of Patagonia, the Chilean and Argentinian. We will go to the most attractive parks in Patagonia: The Los Glaciers National Park in Argentina, and Torres Del Paine in Chile. Both have lots to offer including several beautiful waterfalls, blue glacial ice, and epic mountain ranges like Fitz Roy in Argentina, or Cordillera del Paine in Chile. For more information about the workshop (airports, reciprocity fee, visas, and/or what to take) please contact me: I will email you our workshops pdf brochure.

Landscape Photography Tour Of Patagonia

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