Cable Beach Broome

December 6th, 2015 at 8:11pm

Recently I visited Broome for the very first time. I loved the weather and the colours of the water, sand and earth is just amazing up there. I managed 4 aerial shoots while I was up there two via a helicopter at Willie Creek and a couple in a Cesna 210 over Roebuck Bay, I hope to have some of those images up to share int he next few days and over the next couple of months as I had a lot of new images to show …

While I was up there I went to Cable beach a number of times in the 4 days I was there, each time is was different and one particular evening the sunset was amazing and I managed to capture a number of images from the evening.

I drove down to the far end of the beach parked the car on the beach and started shooting as many angels as I could come up with, my wife called at the same time asking if I had shot the camels yet, I said no I was not going to bother as I have seen so many images of that scene why would I bother to just shoot it again. Well to cut the conversation shot lets just say I took my wife strong advice and shot the camel ride on the beach at sunset … And I am really glad I did .,. I don’t usually say this about my work but I think this time I captured the scene better than I have ever seen before …


Cable Beach Sunset Camel Ride

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