Bicton Waters

May 30th, 2016 at 1:41pm

Bicton Waters Early Sunrise Sunday 29th May 2016

Made an early start last Sunday to head out to a location south of where I live to shoot the Swan River. With the a few clouds in the sky well before dawn the promise of a nice sunrise was on the cards.

I arrived at Bicton Waters and waiting for a friend to arrive. While waiting I shot a few frames but the colour in the sky was not going to happen. We moved further up the river and well after sunrise around 7.30-8am we finally received some nice warm winter hues reflecting in the clouds and with still waters a little colour was being reflected into the river as well.

I shot this and a few other frames from the morning. I will be making my way back a few more times to see what else I can find to shoot in the area, its such a great spot down and being there as the day wakes is special …

Here is my first shot of the season from the location … Bicton Waters …


mage Title “Bicton Waters”


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