The Ledge A 3 Part Series

The Ledge is a 3 part series of aerial images I recently shot that emphasises the white beach sand and the colour of the waters as small gentle waves lap at the shoreline.
The differences in colour and the textures is stunning from the aerial perspective.
Shot to be part of either a 3 part series print or as individual stand alone pieces the choice is yours.

Below are thumbnails of the images I shot recently and an image of them framed and hanging as one piece over a dining area.




California’s Yosemite National Park


One of the most amazing if not the most amazing views I have ever seen is the approach to Yosemite National Park. This view has been shot a million times before for many many years and I have seen 100′s upon 100′s of them, but nothing really compares to seeing this view in all its glory in real life.

I am looking to take in 2017 four like minded photographers that would like to experience some of the best that California has to offer … We will be ing of course visiting Yosemite National Park before the peak crowds get there as well as many other iconic California locations … If you would like more details and pricing please just email or leave a message so I can answer your questions …

In the mean time enjoy this epic landscape of Yosemite National Park …


Yosemite National Park – California


Bicton Waters

Bicton Waters Early Sunrise Sunday 29th May 2016

Made an early start last Sunday to head out to a location south of where I live to shoot the Swan River. With the a few clouds in the sky well before dawn the promise of a nice sunrise was on the cards.

I arrived at Bicton Waters and waiting for a friend to arrive. While waiting I shot a few frames but the colour in the sky was not going to happen. We moved further up the river and well after sunrise around 7.30-8am we finally received some nice warm winter hues reflecting in the clouds and with still waters a little colour was being reflected into the river as well.

I shot this and a few other frames from the morning. I will be making my way back a few more times to see what else I can find to shoot in the area, its such a great spot down and being there as the day wakes is special …

Here is my first shot of the season from the location … Bicton Waters …


mage Title “Bicton Waters”





This workshop is in one of the most epic destination in the world: Patagonia. The glaciers, mountain ranges, lakes, and rivers are simply awe-inspiring to landscape photographers. It is a beautiful land hardly “touched” by the human presence and modern/western civilization. It’s pure, free of light pollution, and has not changed over millions of years. It is an ultimate photographic destination with the most breathtaking scenes on Earth.

April 10 – 21, 2016

Only 2 spots left

Instructors: are myself & Greg Boratyn
Class size: 8
Patagonia workshop’s highlights: We will see both sides of Patagonia, the Chilean and Argentinian. We will go to the most attractive parks in Patagonia:
The Los Glaciers National Park in Argentina, and Torres Del Paine in Chile. Both have lots to offer including several beautiful waterfalls, blue glacial ice, and epic mountain ranges like Fitz Roy in Argentina, or Cordillera del Paine in Chile.
For more information about the workshop (airports, reciprocity fee, visas, and/or what to take) please contact me: info@spoolphotography.com. I’ll email you the workshop pdf brochure with full information kit.


Cable Beach Broome

Recently I visited Broome for the very first time. I loved the weather and the colours of the water, sand and earth is just amazing up there. I managed 4 aerial shoots while I was up there two via a helicopter at Willie Creek and a couple in a Cesna 210 over Roebuck Bay, I hope to have some of those images up to share int he next few days and over the next couple of months as I had a lot of new images to show …

While I was up there I went to Cable beach a number of times in the 4 days I was there, each time is was different and one particular evening the sunset was amazing and I managed to capture a number of images from the evening.

I drove down to the far end of the beach parked the car on the beach and started shooting as many angels as I could come up with, my wife called at the same time asking if I had shot the camels yet, I said no I was not going to bother as I have seen so many images of that scene why would I bother to just shoot it again. Well to cut the conversation shot lets just say I took my wife strong advice and shot the camel ride on the beach at sunset … And I am really glad I did .,. I don’t usually say this about my work but I think this time I captured the scene better than I have ever seen before …


Cable Beach Sunset Camel Ride


Aerial Imagery From Far North Queensland

Recently I was on a family holiday in Far North Queensland and had the pleasure of flying over the Great Barrier Reef and some of the land marks just north of Cairns and around Port Douglas.

Below are a few of the images I was able to shoot. I will have these and a few more listed on the site for sale in the coming weeks, so look out for them. If you would like to purchase any of these image as a photographic print of as stock imagery please drop me an email at info@spoolphotography.com …

The gallery consists of images from Low Isles, Green Island, Vlasoff Cay and the world heritage listed Daintree National Park with its namesake the Daintree River as it joins to the Coral Sea.

All stunning scenery from what is a sheer piece of tropical paradise in Australia …


Aerial Images From The Great Barrier Reef Far North Queensland



Josephine Falls Atherton Tablelands Print

“New Image Release”

Just release tonight the new image from the Atherton Tablelands. Taken earlier this year, Josephine Falls in Atherton Tablelands is stunning billabong and waterfall in the midst of a lush tropical rainforest.

Arriving pretty early before the crowds I got experience these waterfalls all by myself for around 30 mins before the days visitors started to arrive. Available as a print up to 40″x60″ Josephine Falls can be printed on either Canvas or Paper Print. I can also arrange to have this printed directly on glass or any material you would like i.e. Sandstone, woodgrain in fact any surface that is flat and ridged.

 Australian landscape photography print of Josephine Falls in the Atherton Tablelands


Josephine Falls Print

Just released new Australian landscape print image of Josephine Falls now available.

Photography the amazing waterfall trail that is the Atherton Tablelands is a great day out. You can pretty much hike and see all the waterfalls inside a day, a long day but it can be done quite easily.

One of the waterfall locations I visited was Josephine Falls. A open area that has these great natural swimming pool under the falls, a great way t cool off on a warm day hike to the falls.

A couple of things happening with myself in 2016. First I have my tour of India with Neverland Tours which looks to be incredible and then come September we have our Iceland Adventure Tour. Details for the Indian Adventure Tour can be found through the link below. For more information on Iceland please email myself at info@spoolphotography.com for details.


 Australian Landscape Photography Prints Of Josephine Falls


Yosemite National Park Prints

One of my all time favourite images I have taken was taken several years ago. While it is not full of colour and saturation it fails to get much attention in the social media world.

But when printed the detail and drama in the clouds comes to life and it is quite a stunning scene and image. So I am sharing again via this blog post one of my most favourite prints I have taken … El Capitain shrouded in early morning mist.

If you are interested in purchasing this image as a fine art photographic print of El Capitan please follow this link

Landscape Photography Prints Of Yosemite National Park


California Redwood Forest Prints

Deep inside the Great Otway National Park in Victoria lies a small but very impressive grove of Giant California Redwoods (Sequoia trees). Yes thats right, right here in Australia we have some of these amazing giants. Planted by a farmer in 1939 these 100 or so giants lie deep within the forest but are very easily accessible but car and a very short hike, very short.

Last winter I took a trip out to Victoria to seek out and photograph these amazing tall trees. Arrive late in the day there was as per my other visits no one around, the low afternoon mist was beginning to rise through the canopy and the late afternoon sun came streaming in. I had hoped for this and had heard of this but to experience it under the canopy of these giant California Redwoods was something else. While it only last a few moments the memories will last forever.

Now available as a photographic print Giant California Redwoods

Australian Landscape Photographic Prints – Giant California Redwoods (Sequoia trees)

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