Yosemite National Park Prints

September 29th, 2015 at 12:31pm

One of my all time favourite images I have taken was taken several years ago. While it is not full of colour and saturation it fails to get much attention in the social media world.

But when printed the detail and drama in the clouds comes to life and it is quite a stunning scene and image. So I am sharing again via this blog post one of my most favourite prints I have taken … El Capitain shrouded in early morning mist.

If you are interested in purchasing this image as a fine art photographic print of El Capitan please follow this link

Landscape Photography Prints Of Yosemite National Park


California Redwood Forest Prints

September 28th, 2015 at 7:18pm

Deep inside the Great Otway National Park in Victoria lies a small but very impressive grove of Giant California Redwoods (Sequoia trees). Yes thats right, right here in Australia we have some of these amazing giants. Planted by a farmer in 1939 these 100 or so giants lie deep within the forest but are very easily accessible but car and a very short hike, very short.

Last winter I took a trip out to Victoria to seek out and photograph these amazing tall trees. Arrive late in the day there was as per my other visits no one around, the low afternoon mist was beginning to rise through the canopy and the late afternoon sun came streaming in. I had hoped for this and had heard of this but to experience it under the canopy of these giant California Redwoods was something else. While it only last a few moments the memories will last forever.

Now available as a photographic print Giant California Redwoods

Australian Landscape Photographic Prints – Giant California Redwoods (Sequoia trees)


Beauchamp Falls Print Release

September 27th, 2015 at 9:19pm

Happy to finally have shot Beauchamp Falls under stunning conditions. With soft afternoon light and plenty of water flowing over the falls Beauchamp Falls was primed for a print worthy shoot.

Hiking down to the falls is a great hike through the Great Otway National Park rainforest. When I arrived late in the afternoon there was no one around, no tourists and no hikers …

Setting up down stream I picked out the old tree truck in the riverbed as my lead in line and proceeded to taken a number of shots capturing the changing light making sure I captured the peak of the stunning light coming in from the top of the falls.

Now available as print Beauchamp Falls is one of those waterfall prints I have been wanting to have in my portfolio for many years.

Australian Landscape Photography Prints Of Beauchamp Falls


London Bridge Great Ocean Road Victoria

September 25th, 2015 at 7:59pm

One of the most amazing locations I have had a chance to photograph is along the Great Ocean Road, Victoria.

late one afternoon I set up on a ledge overlooking a location call London Bridge. I knew as soon as I saw the location on previous trips to the location what I wanted to shoot, it was just a matter of conditions and nailing the shot. Finally I have and I am proud to offer this image as one of my first in the exclusive Limited Edition Series that I will be offering. I do not plan on having 100′s of different images as limited edition prints, just a select few maybe 8-12 at best each with just printed 3 times and once as a Artist Proof …

So if your are a discerning buyer of fine art prints this is how I will be offering this and in the future a few other prints as very Limited Edition Prints.

Limited Edition Prints

  • Limited Edition Prints are limited to 3 prints plus 1 Artist Proof regardless of size printed.
  • All Limited Edition Prints are printed on Canson Rag Photographique 310 gsm. A 100% cotton museum grade white Fine Art paper.
  • Each Limited Edition Print is numbered and signed by myself outside the print in a generous white border of 3 inches.
  • Limited Edition Prints are printed to your custom size, you choose the size you want.
  • Limited Edition pricing is the one price regardless of your chosen size.
  • Pricing on Limited Edition Prints increases as prints are sold.
  • Pricing starts at $1250.00Au for the first print, $1500.00Au for the second print sold and $1750.00Au for the third and final ever print.
  • Artist Proof print is signed and numbered AP/1 at $2000.00Au
  • There is absolutely no shipping charges on Limited Edition Prints to anywhere in the world.
  • Limited Edition Prints are for the buyer that does not want a print that has been produced numerous times and requires a unique and very limited in number ever produced print.
All Limited Edition Prints are printed on Canson Rag Photographique 310 gsm. Rag Photographique is the very best a 100% cotton museum grade white Fine Art paper there is.
London Bridge Fine Art Limited Series

Of course the limited edition print does not come with the web based watermark to protect online copyright theft

Australian landscape photography fine art limited edition prints


Iceland Mountain Range

September 19th, 2015 at 6:15pm

One of the most amazing scenic locations on our tour of Iceland is this mountain range. We drive up this long mountain road and as it reaches the high point and snakes over the pass we are greeted by this amazing mountain range, snow capped mountains and waterfalls that are 100′s of feet in height. A stunning vista that has no name, just a location and to think there is a small village and one of the most picturesque chapels just out of the sen we also photograph …

Join us on our 2016 September Tour of Iceland … For details please drop me an email at info@spoolphotography.com … Numbers are limited as we travel as small group so we can move as the light and conditions dictate capturing the best possible light we can.

Australian Landscape Photographer Neal Pritchard Iceland Mountain Range Imagery


Canola Fields Of Western Australia

September 17th, 2015 at 10:13am

Last week I took a long country drive to see if I could find some nice canola fields to photograph. Escaping the heavy rains on the coast I traveled inland far enough to find something nice to photograph and hopefully get the other side of the storm front.

It seems the canola season is a little patchy this year with a lot of fields not planted with canola but with wheat instead. This could be a great bonus as soon as the wheat fields mature and the warmer months.

In the meantime I think I finally have the canola image I have wanted to capture for a few years. I nice massive field with canola in full bloom as far as the eye can see and some awesome storm clouds in the distance about to burst and pound the area in much needed late season rain.

If you are interested in purchasing this image as a print or stock image please contact me of follow this link Western Australian Canola Fields

Australian Canola Field Landscape Photography By Neal Pritchard


Iceland 2016 Tour Is Coming

September 15th, 2015 at 8:35pm

With the Iceland 2016 Tour now taking bookings I thought I would share a couple of the images I shot earlier this year on our tour. Iceland and its weather changes fast. One moment it can be clear skies the next a mini blizzard kicks up that may last just minutes. With these sudden and dramatic changes comes the opportunity to photograph some amazing light and drama.

Here I have 4 images all from quite different light and weather conditions but all taken within a 10 day period in April of this year (2015)

If you are interested in attending our 2016 Tour please drop me a line to get more information and reserve your spot. We travel in a small group so numbers are very limited.


Iceland Landscape Photography By Neal Pritchard



Lake Ballard

September 13th, 2015 at 10:47am

Recently I took a trip out to the goldfields and in particular Lake Ballard. Lake Ballard is around 2 hours north of Kalgoorlie which is around 5-6 hours drive east of Perth, Western Australia, so a long way to drive for the one night I was there.

Arriving close to midnight after leaving my home around lunchtime the 10+ hour drive with a few stops along the way was maybe not the best timing as next time I think it would be much better to drive before sunset which will meaning leaving before dawn. I also think spending 2 nights there would be best with that amount of driving to get there.

Once I did arrive I set out to try and capture some images during the almost full moon that was right over the Lake Ballard. I took a few images with them being around an 8 minute exposure between midnight and 1am when there clouds had thinned enough to allow the a decent exposure.

The next morning I hiked up the highest vantage point I could find as I wanted take some images of the sculptures that dot the location from a high vantage point with the texture of the dry lake bed and the way the light was illuminating each scene quite unique.

Here are the first of the series I have from the area. I hope to have a few more up in the next couple of weeks and again later in the summer when I plan on returning during the summer storm season.


lake ballard australian landscape photography by neal pritchard

 Iceland 2016 Tour Page - India March/April 2016 Tour Page


ICELAND 2016 Photographic Tour

September 7th, 2015 at 12:49pm

Iceland 2016 Photographic Tour

We are now taking expressions of interest in our 2016 Photographic Tour of Iceland. With around 365 days time till the tour kicks off we are finalising some of the details before accepting bookings but if you would like to put your name down on the list to be contacted with full details of the tour in a few weeks please do so. We will be working with a local Perth travel agent to also get us the best possible flights costs to Iceland and being some 12 months out we are working with a travel agent to get the possible deal when these deals hit the market, we will know first right HERE …

The 2016 Tour of Iceland will be a little different to the normal tours we have done in the past and what others may offer. Talking to many locals on the ground we have customised next years tour to take in some new exciting fresh location in Iceland that will surely be breath taking and leave us all speechless when we visit, photograph and video them. There will also be provisions made to spend 2 days photographing Dubai

So get your name down on the list as we travel as a small tight group so we can move swiftly and at a moments notice taking advantage of the best conditions on the ground as they unfold.

Interest can be registered by dropping me an email at info@spoolphotography.com …

Hope to see you on the tour, it promises to be epic!

Here are a couple of reviews from out tour in 2015 … 

Trent Konstantinu –  The Incredible Tour of Iceland in 2015 was an amazing experience!  Neal & Clint were fantastic guides and they were able to take us to all the spectacular postcard locations in Iceland and several hidden little gems that tour groups do not go too.  They helped me a lot with developing my photography skills and instructed me on how best to compose the best shot.  They took care of everything which allowed me to just focus on taking a truck load of photos and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.  The trip was a lot of fun and Neal & Clint were easy to get along with.  I would highly recommend anyone going on a tour with this experienced pair of photographers.

Darryn Santich - So glad I made a last minute decision to go on the Incredible Iceland tour 2015. Neal and Clint organised a fantastic itinerary which included all the incredible landscapes I had only ever dreamed of seeing. They’re knowledge they handed to me on landscape photography was immense and I have walked away with a greater ability to compose and light landscape photography. I exspecially liked the Arora Borealis they got us too on the second last night. The only spot in the whole of Iceland cloud free and we had an awesome K5.5 storm to shoot for 4 hours. What a blast. Thanks Neal and Clint , I have already recommended others to join your next excursion to Iceland in 2016




Beautiful Sunrise From Kings Park

August 26th, 2015 at 8:23pm

A glorious winters sunrise from Kings Park Western Australia

With our winter coming to a fast end the mornings of spring are near when the morning temperatures will be a colder and the days a little warmer. Some of the most amazing sunrises happened at this time of the year and I was lucky enough to witness one from Kings Park one morning.

Watching the sun rise I found the angle and position I wanted to shoot from and waited for the light to come streaming in through the trees and be just perfect for the image I wanted to capture. As the sun was a little hidden through the tree branches the light softened and the glow was amazing.  I snapped away like mad the capture this amazing morning in Kings Park …

Image Title ” Dawn From Kings Park”

Australian Landscape Photography & Prints