Western Australian Wild Flowers

While out and about last weekend looking over countless flowers one can become ( well me anyway ) totally confused with how to photograph these flowers. Now no one does anything completely without relying somewhat on what they have seen heard or felt as inspiration, and for the life of me I was going through countless files in my head on how to shot photograph these flowers with some sort of new approach to a degree …

Lucky for me just a week before I was shooting I saw an image of a photographer “Jon Paul” (one of my favorites) who has a amazing gallery in the USA. His use of in camera movement experimentation at a location in Lake Tahoe I thought needed none but somehow his interpretation was just perfect. WHile I am no way saying this picture of mine is perfect, it does somehow some up how I felt looking at these flowers by the end of the weekend … Now not a complete in camera movement image as there is actually 3 images here plus a 3 image stitch for size and resolution purposes … But you get the idea ….