Mono Lake California

While I have seen hundreds of images from Mono Lake and I took hundreds as well with the few hours I had there as well most I find have a similar tone unless shot in winter. I remember taking this well past sunset when a majority of the crowds had left for the day. With just a few photographers scattered around the shoreline we pretty much had the place to ourselves bar the howling coyotes in the distance.

I had taken several images before this series of images and was still looking for the right angle and time for the perfect shot. Mono Lake itself is a huge area and lies below sea level so the water is very salty and only really home to brine shrimp, flies and migratory birds that come to feed on the flies and shrimp ( yuk )

I am looking to having this printed at around 60-65 inches and mounted for my own home, maybe in my study or lounge …

The image can be printed up to around 70 inches in length and is available through the website page here : Mono Lake ….



Abandonment On Hwy 395

Recently I added an image to my Facebook Page that was quite a departure from my normal type of image. While I had taken the image some 2 years ago the post production was never completed for a number of reasons, one being I had a complete mental block on the image until recently … The original posting on the Facebook Page was somewhat darker in a number of areas and a few folks had mentioned that I could do with lightening up the left corner a little more … Thus leading to this posting of the new post post production of the image …

Thanks to those that helped put with the constructive critique and artistic approach of this image to enable this image to get to where it is right now … One of my favorites in recent months ….



*** Without borders and image title  Abandoned Home Hwy 395 ***


Lake Tahoe

Scouring over some old files to find something that could work with a tone that caught my attention earlier today. I am not sure how to describe it other than to say for me it looks like a silvery chocolate … Finding that right combination took a little time but after processing the image in color first then going to the black and white stage. Only after I was happy with the final black and white image did I start looking at colors that could match the tone I was looking for … Silvery Chocolate … Yeah I know not very technical, but thats what I get for the tone …

Enjoy …



Working within Black & White Tones

As some may know I am a big admirer of good quality Black & White landscape photography and recently I have not produced much in the way of new black and white images, one being the landscapes have to lend themselves that way and I have not really been in the right locations to produce this, and secondly I have been working towards trying to improve through tone my black and white images. For me black and white photography is less about the absolute black and white and more about achieving tones within the zones more specifically zones 2 and 9 ( zone 2 black with hint of detail – zone 9 nearly white ) ….

Here is my latest attempt and trying the pull the viewer into the forest  … I called it forever because hopefully these California Redwoods will be around forever ….


Yosemite National Park Landscape Images

New images from my travels to Yosemite National Park and now available through the website Spoolphotography.com under the “Limited Edition Section” just flowing the links from USA > Standard > Vertical.

There you will find 2 images from Yosemite National Park, one of Yosemite Falls and one from El Capitan. Both images are Black & White and are Limited in numbers to 60. The first few prints of each have each reminded my of the grandeur of Yosemite National Park. Once printed on Fujiflex and framed they both look amazing. I personally have of El Capitan and will be printing the Yosemite Falls image early next week for my home. I am very proud of both these prints. I had a certain vision when I went to the park last year and to come away with 2 of the 3 specific images I always wanted is more than I could of asked for.

Both images can be purchased in a range of sizes from 24 inches through to 60 inches in length. Once I find a nice location to photograph the framed versions of these images I will post here on the blog the results. My framer Arts Edge has once again done an incredible job with the framing and I could not be happier with the results.

El Capitan Yosemite National Park, USA

Yosemite Falls, USA


San Francisco Dawn

Dawn over San Francisco is a special time. With the sun coming up over the Eastern Sierra’s, the sky and mountain tops take on a magnificent glow. With the lights still burning in the city and bay added by the ever present fog rolling in off the Pacific Ocean, watching a sunrise from the Marin Headlands over the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco is a memory I’ll never forget.

In this image I tried to not capture too much of the sky for reason being I think it detracts from the city still being in darkness with the lights still lighting up the bay, plus the glow was way too much to handle while still allowing the city lights to shine through on Camera, for the human eye this is not a problem but for camera exposure proposes it still is.

Shot at 200mm with 4 separate images stitched to form one large hi resolution image capable of being printed to 90 or more inches without quality being compromised. The detail in the city and across the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge is stunning.


San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

One of my favorite times to photograph San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is after sunset. The reason I like this time of day/evening to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge is because of the lights. The lights of the city light up the bay and the bridge takes on a more prominent feature during this time. Not that it needs to be any more prominent that it already is, its just after dark for me I think it comes alive and really shines.

If you would like to purchase a fine art print of “The Golden Gate Bridge After Dark” before then please contact myself through the contact form listed on the site. This image will be made available in sizes ranging from 12 inches long through to 90 inches long, as well as any custom size you wish. I think this image would lend itself to both a gloss media like Fuji Flex and/or Cotton Rag Photographic Paper. Both look amazing printed on these finishes as large as possible.


Lake Tahoe Fine Art Print

A second image from my recent photo shoot in Northern California, this time from Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe lies on the California / Nevada State border with this image just lying inside the Nevada State Line.

In my past visits to Lake Tahoe I have searched for this area only to come up short. I did find it in 2008 but the access seemed very steep and dangerous so no attempt was made. This year I ventured back determined to find a more suitable access route down. Well I found it and while not perfect it was much easier. Here is the result on one trip down, I made it to the area twice both times coming back with quite different results. First one up is the fiery sunset over Lake Tahoe.


California Landscape Prints

Recently returned from a 3 week shot in Northern California. Visiting places from San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge out to Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe and through to the Mt Shasta area in the far north of California. In the coming weeks and months I will be posting quite a few images from my travels as well as some new images from Sydney New South Wales and the South Coast area of Western Australia, so be on the look out for those.

First up is a waterfall area near Mt Shasta in Northern California I visited a few weeks ago. Taken in the fall season on a overcast day the colors came through more than I could of hoped for.

This image will be made available in the “Open Edition” section of Spoolphotography.com in the coming weeks.

If you would like to purchase a fine art print of this waterfall before then please contact myself through the contact form listed on the site. This image will be made available in sizes ranging from 12 inches long through to 75 inches long, as well as any custom size you wish. I think this image would be best printed on a hi gloss media like Fuji Flex. This would really make those greens and yellows shine.


Northern California Redwoods

The Giant Sequoias Of Mariposa Grove

Dug in to the archive files a couple of weeks back and found this little gem I took back in 2008 just inside Yosemite National Park.

This image is now available through the portfolio on the website as a “Limited Edition Landscape Print” in sizes 30, 45,60 or 75 inches in length. I think this print would be best printed on my Art Paper Satin finish as opposed to the hi gloss or canvas materials.