Western Australia’s South West

Recently I travelled to the Margaret River / Dunsborough region of Western Australia for a 4 day family vacation / shoot. While the family slept-in every morning, I managed to wake each morning around 4.20am to head out to location scouted from a previous trip or day before scout to set up for first light of the morning. While most mornings provided pretty average light there where moments when the light was nicely filtered by passing clouds allowing for some nice images to be taken for the portfolio. 

Below is one of the first I have had the time to prepare for the blog and ultimately the galleries within Spool Photography. This image was taken around 6am after a brief shower or two when the sun came through the clouds just enough to provide a nice yellow hue over the green vines of a Margaret River Winery.


New ways to view Spool Photography Galleries

Now you can view all the images in the gallery by format, ie Horizontal Panoramic, Standard Vertical, Standard Horizontal and Vertical Panoramic via the new viewing platform on Spool Photography.

Heres a screen shot of the new viewing platform. I have linked the image below to one of the formats from there you can choose what format you would like to look through.

Recently I have been spending a fair amount of time shooting down and around the South West Of Western Australia. In the coming weeks I hope to have a number of new images up in the galleries for viewing. With some new exciting developments planned for the 1st quarter of 2009 and new location shoots being planned so stay tuned.


Cape Naturaliste Landscape Sunset

Another image from my recent trip to the Cape Naturaliste region. Where I spent a few days traveling up and down the coast from Dunsborough through to Margaret River photography landscapes each morning and evening.

This is image is now in the Spool Photography Limited Edition Landscapes as Fine Art Landscape Edition of 60 and can be found under the Western Australian gallery section titled Cape Naturaliste Headlands


Bunker Bay Western Australia

Sunrise over Bunker Bay in Western Australia’s Cape Naturalist region.

Early one morning last week I found myself witnessing an amazing sunrise over one of Western Australia best beaches. With virtually no one around I spent the next hour or so working my way from one side of the beach all the way up and around the to the bay area taking photograph after photograph. This area in very close to Dunsborough has so many gorgeous beach landscapes to photograph that I am sure I will be back many many times.


Western Australian Contos Landscape

Here is the first image I have had a chance to get stitched up and processed from last weekends shoot down around the Western Australian South Coast Region of Dunsborough.

This landscape image is a 6 image stitch taken at the rocks area of Contos. Contos Beach is a popular surf beach near Margaret River, Western Australia along the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.


Margaret River Shoot

Just back from a few days shooting down in around the Margaret River / Dunsborough region of Western Australia’s South West Coastline. Managed to get in quite a few locations from Bunker Bay, Indijup Point, Round Rocks, Meelup Beach and Redgate Beach.

Looking over the raw images this morning it looks like I should have some new images for the gallery in the coming week or so. Saturday morning provided the best light of the trip and I found myself at Meelup Beach where the water was so calm and blue, the light was very even for around 15 mins with some nice soft pastel blue and pink tones. I am really looking forward to having a closer look at this shoot as I think it will provide some of the best images from the trip.

Saturday night I found myself at Round Rocks and what was shaping up for a very nice shoot. My idea of shooting a certain view of the area was spoiled with a unimpressive sunset so I had to resort to my 2nd and 3rd choice view options for the evening. We shall see what those images produce, but I do know I will be back to that area for the shot I was not able to capture this time around.

One of my favorite spots in Dunsborough is Bunker Bay and I have tried a few times now to capture an image for the gallery, with this trip being yet another where I think I failed yet again. Bunker Bay has some similar qualities to a little area I like at Lake Tahoe, but its seems to be much harder to photograph. I think it is the shape of the bay and the way the suns lights up certain parts of the bay and not others either at sunrise or sunset, plus is looks a lot nicer when the tide is a little higher than it was on the sunday morning I was there.

I would of liked to have shot a little more during the day with some cloud cover but without the cloud the light was pretty harsh. In the end I am happy with what I came away with over the 3 days and I am looking forward adding some new images to the gallery over the coming weeks.


Injidup Beach Sunrise

New image added to the gallery. Injidup Beach at sunrise in Western Australia’s South Coastal Region. Western Australia’s southern coastal region is famous for its wines in and around Margaret River, laid back lifestyle of Dunsborough and of course the surfing around Margaret River and Yallingup

Available as a limited edition print Injidup Sunrise of 60 in either 50 inches or 30 inches.


Western Australia South Coast

Spring has finally shown up here in Western Australia and with that, photography season is upon us. Those afternoon storm clouds, clear blue waters and warm weather, a joy to be alive after such a nasty wet winter.

So with that its high time to head to Western Australia’s Southern Coast of Dunsborough and Margaret River to try and capture some of the natural beauty that part of the world has to offer. In the coming weeks I plan on making quite a few trips and hope to have some images from that region up on the site.

I have many locations in mind to shoot from Busselton down through to Augusta, so keep an eye on Spool Photography for some new images.

If you have something you would like photographed just drop us a line here on the blog and I’ll do my best to capture your request.

Till then, get outside and enjoy a little of this perfect weather we are having right now.