Working within Black & White Tones

As some may know I am a big admirer of good quality Black & White landscape photography and recently I have not produced much in the way of new black and white images, one being the landscapes have to lend themselves that way and I have not really been in the right locations to produce this, and secondly I have been working towards trying to improve through tone my black and white images. For me black and white photography is less about the absolute black and white and more about achieving tones within the zones more specifically zones 2 and 9 ( zone 2 black with hint of detail – zone 9 nearly white ) ….

Here is my latest attempt and trying the pull the viewer into the forest  … I called it forever because hopefully these California Redwoods will be around forever ….


Northern California Redwoods

The Giant Sequoias Of Mariposa Grove

Dug in to the archive files a couple of weeks back and found this little gem I took back in 2008 just inside Yosemite National Park.

This image is now available through the portfolio on the website as a “Limited Edition Landscape Print” in sizes 30, 45,60 or 75 inches in length. I think this print would be best printed on my Art Paper Satin finish as opposed to the hi gloss or canvas materials.