Large Framed Australian Landscape Images

Recently I had a request for a size of image I do not normal do. The client wanted the image to be a certain size and aspect ratio. After a couple of attempts at finding the right size and ratio we settles on 70 inches by 40 inches. Sending the file off to print I was a little nervous about the size. While everything looked good on the monitors, one still has a little reservation on printing this large until the final product is seen and inspected.

Well after printing I was very happy with the result, and then onto the framing, again nervous about size and type of frame that would be used. Earlier today I was able to see the final product before delivery to the client and I must say the size and scope of the print and subject matter was stunning and while I am always hesitant to pipe up and sing a little praise about my work but this time I will for a change. I think the final product from landscape photography, to the print quality from my printers and framing from the framer Chris at Leamac is as good as anything I have seen before in a landscape photography print and framing anywhere.

The clients final product ….




Spool Photography Gets A Fresh New Look

With many hours spent drafting and planning the latest update it is with great relief to finally have the vision I had of the site around 12 months ago finally come to life.

Earlier today we went live with the final updates to the site and I must say the guys and in particular Dave from Clever Starfish have done an amazing job once again. With a cleaner look, faster loading times and bigger brighter sample size images as well as a total revamp of the popular “In Your Home” feature the site looks amazing.

Over the past few months I have gone over every image in my portfolio and prepared the very best sample files for the website one can do. The samples are larger, clearer and brighter giving you the best idea via a website display of what the final print will look like.

The final print in your home will always outshine anything that can be represented on a website and the limitations of website browsers etc. The current sample files provided on this site are the best one will see …

The fully secure e-cart system is super fast and encrypted to the Australian Standard put forth by Westpac bank, one of Australia’s biggest and best banks. A┬áSSL certificate┬ásecures your online profile and transactions by encrypting credit card and personal information and providing a safe route of communication for your online payments through the gateway of E-Way and Westpac Bank. No information other than your name, order and delivery address is kept by this site. All sensitive information about your purchase goes through the E-way security cart system and WestPac Bank, not myself.

I have now also added Classic Desktop Frames to the site where you can purchase these stunning brushed aluminium frames with a horizontal panoramic image of your choice from the open edition prints. The frame measures 12in(30cm) x 6in(15cm) and makes a great gift idea to brighten up your home or office desk or coffee table. Priced at just $49 for anyone within Australia and $69 for anyone outside Australia the price is inclusive of any shipping costs incurred at the point of postage. Check out the sample pics of the frames on the classic desktop frames page

So please take a few minutes to look around the site, checking out all the new features and landscape prints available for purchase directly through this site.

Cheers Neal


Mindarie Keys Hotel Display

This month at the Mindarie Keys Hotel Foyer I have 10 large framed landscape prints on display. Being my first display of this kind the work that goes on to prepare for something like this was a good learning curve. First was choosing which one of my images I should use, then what media should each be printed on, then the matt-boarding, framing etc …

A BIG THANK YOU to Terraze from Arts Edge Gallery for putting up with my daily requests and intrusions into your business day.

Over the next few days I will be taking better images of the display, these images below are just quick snaps of some of the 10 prints on display.

The Display is in the Hotel Foyer at Mindarie Keys Hotel situated at
Ocean Falls Boulevard
Mindarie, 6030
Western Australia
P: 08 9305 9305

The display is open everyday throughout June from 8am-6pm.