Yallingup Reef

Spent the weekend down south around Dunsborough and met up with mr Mark “True North” Stothard for a shoot Saturday evening and again on Sunday morning … Well we will not talk about Sunday morning as the light was some of the worst there could have been. But saturday night was a little different. What promised to be an inspiring sunset ended up being good without being spectacular.

I have always liked the art by Michael R Nelson and I remember seeing his work for the first time round 1988 on my first trip to Hawaii.  It was always a trip to see his paintings of marine life and the landscape in the same frame from water level, with the colors where so rich. While I was scoring over the tidal pools at Yallingup looking for a composition or two, his work came to mind, which lead me to look more at what was just a few feet from me and to see if I could use that with the sky … So I guess this australian landscape photography is inspired by a hawaiian painter  …

It is always fun and exhilarating to get out there and challenge what you want to see but end up seeing as the light and conditions change, with the result sometimes and appreciation of the time spent not fully apparent till well after the time has passed …



New Landscape Releases

I am pleased to bring you four new print releases of my travels over the pasted few months. Something from the Hawaiian Mountains, and three landscape prints from the Southern Region of Western Australia.

All images are now listed in the “Open Edition” section of the website. “After The Harvest” is listed under the Limited Edition Tab, Western Australia 9 only prints available.

Please click the thumbnails to view the large preview image

First up is

Blue Haven

After The Harvest

House Of The Sun

Esperance Blue