An Overview of Karijini National Park

Bouncing around the top of the gorges one evening watching the light changing and clouds moving in and out of frames I had to settle on location before it all went south. While there was somewhat better clouds behind me I thought the landscape scene lacked a natural glow from the light and thus looked a little flat with so I shot this view from a ridge point vantage point as my primary focus as an overview of the land inside Karijini National Park.

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Junction Pool Lookout Karijini NP

One if not my favorite view inside Karijini National Park …Gifted with a stunning sunset over the national park, the hard task was choosing which direction to shoot in. At Junction Pool Lookout there is easy access to so many vantage points to take in the breathtaking scenery that I must of looked like a wet rat running between the spinifex from one spot to another trying to capture as much of the Australian scenery as I could in the very limited golden hour (which was more like 20mins) I was lucky enough to bare witness to … Why was there no one else around for this time of day and the stunning views?


Weano Gorge Sunset Karijini NP

On my last evening inside Karijini National Park, I was witness to an amazing sunset over one of the most breathtaking locations within Australia. Karijini National Park after the wet season with its new green growth against the red earth of the far north is stunning. In the right light you really have a very very rough time making an critical decision on where to point your camera … On this particular evening I spent around 2 hours hiking along the rim of both Weano and Hancock Gorge taking a lot of images, watching the light change as sunset approached and making sure i was in a good position when and if the light was going to peak.

Weano Gorge Karijini National Park now availible in many sizes through the main site galleries

Theres nothing else that I have seen in Australia that compares to Karijini National Park after a decent wet season.



Hamersley Gorge

Well I am just back last evening from an amazing five days inside Karijini National Park … This time I flew up to Port Hedland instead of the 16hr drive each way to save some time … But maybe next time I would not fly into Port Hedland, it is still quite a drive to Karijini National Park from there …

While inside Karijini National Park I experienced all four seasons. With heavy rain overnight to misty showers for a full morning providing a great opportunity to photograph in overcast conditions, perfect blue skies with amazing clouds on another day to a cool morning and some very warm afternoons with thunderstorms brewing and the odd lightning show thrown in each evening, it was all on show and I lapped up every opportunity presented.

Hamersely Gorge was one of the gorges I never had the chance to visit in 2010 so this time round it was a must visit spot, regardless of distance, I wanted to see it … And I am so glad I did. Hamersley would be my favourite gorge to photograph. I love the beauty of the smooth water curve stone that surrounds the gorge it reminded myself of the erosion one sees inside the subway canyon inside the USA. Photographing the gorge for a few hours trying to capture as much as I could up an down the gorge spending sunset on the top of the gorge looking over over the Hamersley Ranges (images to come) ….

This particular image was taken inside the Hamersley Gorge and the first of a series I will be posting for Karijini National Park over the next few weeks … With many files and I think there could have quite a few quite nice landscape images from this stunning location in Western Australia’s North.

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The Karijini Outback

Just released a new “Open Edition” image called “Karijini Outback Western Australia” taken last year one morning before descending into the gorges for more shooting. While scanning the area for something to shoot in near darkness on my first visit to this area let alone Karijini National Park I came across a slight ridge and dip in the landscape framed with some spinifex grasses and a large old gum tree I knew pretty much straight way that this was going to be the shot and all I had to do was wait for the light to just be right before shooting the frames I needed to produce this landscape print I had wanted to produce …

This image is available for purchase any size you may need up to around 32 inches square.


Karijini National Park

Over the past month I have been lucky enough to visit several of Australia’s most stunning locations. From the deep south of the state of Victoria along the Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles, up through Great Otway National Park with its spectacular waterfalls and ancient forests and through the Alpine region of Mt Buffalo, Mt Beauty, Bright and Falls Creek, the state of Victoria has a diversity and beauty second to none.

But my first stop over the past month was none other than my home state, yet a 15 hour drive through to its red center and the spectacular region of Karijini National Park. If you are not sure where Karijini lies it is around 60km’s from Tom Price in a easterly direction, Tom Price being one of Australia’s largest mining areas.

Karijini is like nothing I have ever seen. The landscapes are dry, hot, rough and red, very red. But there lies an unspoiled charm to the area, from its dusty gravel roads to its deep gorges with cool refreshing pools and gum trees that sway in the hot year round climate. it is an unforgiving place but a place I loved to photograph for the first time.

Here is the first of a collection of images I will have from Karijini National Park. Dusk over Weano Goprge

I will in late June release my full series of images from Karijini National Park called

“Karijini The Hidden Treasure Of Western Australia”