Cottesloe Beach Pylon

The famous local Pylon at Cottesloe Beach. Really not sure why this Pylon is so close to the beach or what purpose it serves these days as it was built in 1936 and is the last remaining feature of the shark proof fence that once lay 80 meters off the beach. I think it has more historical value than anything else and has been used in several inter surf club practical jokes over the year. In 2003 I read that is was deemed a heritage landmark.

Well this is how I see the Pylon a Cottesloe Beach. I’m glad it is still there even though it is starting to look very weathered and worn. Its nice to see some things remain in Perth from yesteryear with so many historic sites now bulldozed since the 1980′s.

Historical Cottesloe Pylon Limited Edition Print
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Christmas With A Spool Photography Print

Well another year is about to end. One where I found myself spending many hours waiting for the light, so many times at remote locations, sometimes very hot and other times bitterly cold dark places where the thought of the local wildlife freaked me out on more than one occasion.

From the Banks of the Swan River on a hot and very humid evening to climbing in complete darkness lost down a steep ravine with every sign of spending the night in the bush using only body warmth to keep you warm (special thanks go out to Jamie and Kirk – thank god I found the way back as I did not want to be the meat in that sandwich) to waking up at 4am to a foot of snow covering the car and a long drive on icy black roads at 12 mile per hr straight UP to Emerald Bay just to catch first light.

Cold, sometimes windy beaches or piers, slippery wet steep long trails to visit a waterfall in Yosemite National Park or lakes with bear scat to remind you that you’re just a visitor – they live there! It has all been extremely enjoyable yet challenging at the same time and I would not change one moment of it especially when you just know you have captured “that shot”, some of which I have waited years to take.

So with many locations visited, shots taken and the site finally up and running I thought it was time for a Spool Photography kinda Christmas with 1 lucky person receiving their choice of 1 large 45 inch print presented on a flat aluminum backing ready to hang.

All you have to do is visit SpoolPhotography.com. Spend some time looking through the images in the galleries and choose your top 3 images in the galleries.  

With 1 being your first choice, 2 your second and 3 your third. 
Then email me your chosen top 3 to info ( at ) spoolphotography dot com

Spool Photography Christmas Giveaway Rules

  • Only the images in the “Edition of 60? may be chosen
  • Only 1 entry per person per household. No PO Box entries
  • Competition is open from November 12th through to November 29th 2008
  • Winner will be drawn November 30th at random and is final
  • There is only 1 prize of 1 print to one lucky person
  • If a 45 inch print is a little large for where you would like to hang the print, a 30 inch will be offered.
  • There is only 1 print giveaway regardless of size chosen.

Good luck to everyone that enters, I look forward to reading your feedback emails.


Western Australian Contos Landscape

Here is the first image I have had a chance to get stitched up and processed from last weekends shoot down around the Western Australian South Coast Region of Dunsborough.

This landscape image is a 6 image stitch taken at the rocks area of Contos. Contos Beach is a popular surf beach near Margaret River, Western Australia along the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.


Margaret River Shoot

Just back from a few days shooting down in around the Margaret River / Dunsborough region of Western Australia’s South West Coastline. Managed to get in quite a few locations from Bunker Bay, Indijup Point, Round Rocks, Meelup Beach and Redgate Beach.

Looking over the raw images this morning it looks like I should have some new images for the gallery in the coming week or so. Saturday morning provided the best light of the trip and I found myself at Meelup Beach where the water was so calm and blue, the light was very even for around 15 mins with some nice soft pastel blue and pink tones. I am really looking forward to having a closer look at this shoot as I think it will provide some of the best images from the trip.

Saturday night I found myself at Round Rocks and what was shaping up for a very nice shoot. My idea of shooting a certain view of the area was spoiled with a unimpressive sunset so I had to resort to my 2nd and 3rd choice view options for the evening. We shall see what those images produce, but I do know I will be back to that area for the shot I was not able to capture this time around.

One of my favorite spots in Dunsborough is Bunker Bay and I have tried a few times now to capture an image for the gallery, with this trip being yet another where I think I failed yet again. Bunker Bay has some similar qualities to a little area I like at Lake Tahoe, but its seems to be much harder to photograph. I think it is the shape of the bay and the way the suns lights up certain parts of the bay and not others either at sunrise or sunset, plus is looks a lot nicer when the tide is a little higher than it was on the sunday morning I was there.

I would of liked to have shot a little more during the day with some cloud cover but without the cloud the light was pretty harsh. In the end I am happy with what I came away with over the 3 days and I am looking forward adding some new images to the gallery over the coming weeks.