Spool Photography Gets A Fresh New Look

With many hours spent drafting and planning the latest update it is with great relief to finally have the vision I had of the site around 12 months ago finally come to life.

Earlier today we went live with the final updates to the site and I must say the guys and in particular Dave from Clever Starfish have done an amazing job once again. With a cleaner look, faster loading times and bigger brighter sample size images as well as a total revamp of the popular “In Your Home” feature the site looks amazing.

Over the past few months I have gone over every image in my portfolio and prepared the very best sample files for the website one can do. The samples are larger, clearer and brighter giving you the best idea via a website display of what the final print will look like.

The final print in your home will always outshine anything that can be represented on a website and the limitations of website browsers etc. The current sample files provided on this site are the best one will see …

The fully secure e-cart system is super fast and encrypted to the Australian Standard put forth by Westpac bank, one of Australia’s biggest and best banks. A SSL certificate secures your online profile and transactions by encrypting credit card and personal information and providing a safe route of communication for your online payments through the gateway of E-Way and Westpac Bank. No information other than your name, order and delivery address is kept by this site. All sensitive information about your purchase goes through the E-way security cart system and WestPac Bank, not myself.

I have now also added Classic Desktop Frames to the site where you can purchase these stunning brushed aluminium frames with a horizontal panoramic image of your choice from the open edition prints. The frame measures 12in(30cm) x 6in(15cm) and makes a great gift idea to brighten up your home or office desk or coffee table. Priced at just $49 for anyone within Australia and $69 for anyone outside Australia the price is inclusive of any shipping costs incurred at the point of postage. Check out the sample pics of the frames on the classic desktop frames page

So please take a few minutes to look around the site, checking out all the new features and landscape prints available for purchase directly through this site.

Cheers Neal


3 Sisters Blue Mountains

The 3 Sisters are a rock formation in the Blue Mountains of NSW Australia. Located at Echo Point they are 922, 918 & 906 metres tall or around 3000 feet above sea level.

This image was taken last winter on a very cold and dark morning. Waiting for the sun to rise I was hoping the sun would provide the right light between the 2 large rock plateaus and the 3 sisters.

I was rewarded for the cold early start with a stunning sunrise over one of Australia’s Iconic National Landmarks. The 3 Sisters At The Blue Mountains.


Western Australian Sunset Beach Prints

A view from the beach not far from where I live. Taken a few nights back. We have been experiencing some rather nice sunsets and sunrises in the past week as we do at this time of year before the winds dry out in the height of summer and we are let with less that reasonable sunsets.

I usually have a lot of trouble producing images from a beach scene as stitched images, especially when there is little or no dominant factors in the image to pull the images together, but this time it seemed to work flawlessly, must be the texture in the clouds that helped as this was a 3 image stitch that lined up perfectly first go.

This image will be made available as a Fine Art Print in the “Open Edition” section of Spoolphotography.com in the coming weeks.

If you would like to purchase a fine art print of “Indian Ocean Beach” before then please contact myself through the contact form listed on the site. This image will be made available in sizes ranging from 12 inches long through to 75 inches long, as well as any custom size you wish. I think this image would be best printed on a hi gloss media like Fuji Flex.


Lake Tahoe Fine Art Print

A second image from my recent photo shoot in Northern California, this time from Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe lies on the California / Nevada State border with this image just lying inside the Nevada State Line.

In my past visits to Lake Tahoe I have searched for this area only to come up short. I did find it in 2008 but the access seemed very steep and dangerous so no attempt was made. This year I ventured back determined to find a more suitable access route down. Well I found it and while not perfect it was much easier. Here is the result on one trip down, I made it to the area twice both times coming back with quite different results. First one up is the fiery sunset over Lake Tahoe.


California Landscape Prints

Recently returned from a 3 week shot in Northern California. Visiting places from San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge out to Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe and through to the Mt Shasta area in the far north of California. In the coming weeks and months I will be posting quite a few images from my travels as well as some new images from Sydney New South Wales and the South Coast area of Western Australia, so be on the look out for those.

First up is a waterfall area near Mt Shasta in Northern California I visited a few weeks ago. Taken in the fall season on a overcast day the colors came through more than I could of hoped for.

This image will be made available in the “Open Edition” section of Spoolphotography.com in the coming weeks.

If you would like to purchase a fine art print of this waterfall before then please contact myself through the contact form listed on the site. This image will be made available in sizes ranging from 12 inches long through to 75 inches long, as well as any custom size you wish. I think this image would be best printed on a hi gloss media like Fuji Flex. This would really make those greens and yellows shine.


Western Australian Farms

With more rain than I can ever remember living in Western Australia the farms east and south of where I live are looking stunning at present. Lush and green they are a delight to photograph seeing as though for around 10 months of the year they are either brown or just plain dust bowls.

Heres a single shot I took earlier this week while out and about scouting West Australian farmland.

This image will be made available for purchase through my “Open Edition” section of the website that is not too far away from being released …


Northern California Redwoods

The Giant Sequoias Of Mariposa Grove

Dug in to the archive files a couple of weeks back and found this little gem I took back in 2008 just inside Yosemite National Park.

This image is now available through the portfolio on the website as a “Limited Edition Landscape Print” in sizes 30, 45,60 or 75 inches in length. I think this print would be best printed on my Art Paper Satin finish as opposed to the hi gloss or canvas materials.


Christmas With A Spool Photography Print

Well another year is about to end. One where I found myself spending many hours waiting for the light, so many times at remote locations, sometimes very hot and other times bitterly cold dark places where the thought of the local wildlife freaked me out on more than one occasion.

From the Banks of the Swan River on a hot and very humid evening to climbing in complete darkness lost down a steep ravine with every sign of spending the night in the bush using only body warmth to keep you warm (special thanks go out to Jamie and Kirk – thank god I found the way back as I did not want to be the meat in that sandwich) to waking up at 4am to a foot of snow covering the car and a long drive on icy black roads at 12 mile per hr straight UP to Emerald Bay just to catch first light.

Cold, sometimes windy beaches or piers, slippery wet steep long trails to visit a waterfall in Yosemite National Park or lakes with bear scat to remind you that you’re just a visitor – they live there! It has all been extremely enjoyable yet challenging at the same time and I would not change one moment of it especially when you just know you have captured “that shot”, some of which I have waited years to take.

So with many locations visited, shots taken and the site finally up and running I thought it was time for a Spool Photography kinda Christmas with 1 lucky person receiving their choice of 1 large 45 inch print presented on a flat aluminum backing ready to hang.

All you have to do is visit SpoolPhotography.com. Spend some time looking through the images in the galleries and choose your top 3 images in the galleries.  

With 1 being your first choice, 2 your second and 3 your third. 
Then email me your chosen top 3 to info ( at ) spoolphotography dot com

Spool Photography Christmas Giveaway Rules

  • Only the images in the “Edition of 60? may be chosen
  • Only 1 entry per person per household. No PO Box entries
  • Competition is open from November 12th through to November 29th 2008
  • Winner will be drawn November 30th at random and is final
  • There is only 1 prize of 1 print to one lucky person
  • If a 45 inch print is a little large for where you would like to hang the print, a 30 inch will be offered.
  • There is only 1 print giveaway regardless of size chosen.

Good luck to everyone that enters, I look forward to reading your feedback emails.


Western Australian Contos Landscape

Here is the first image I have had a chance to get stitched up and processed from last weekends shoot down around the Western Australian South Coast Region of Dunsborough.

This landscape image is a 6 image stitch taken at the rocks area of Contos. Contos Beach is a popular surf beach near Margaret River, Western Australia along the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.