San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

One of my favorite times to photograph San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is after sunset. The reason I like this time of day/evening to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge is because of the lights. The lights of the city light up the bay and the bridge takes on a more prominent feature during this time. Not that it needs to be any more prominent that it already is, its just after dark for me I think it comes alive and really shines.

If you would like to purchase a fine art print of “The Golden Gate Bridge After Dark” before then please contact myself through the contact form listed on the site. This image will be made available in sizes ranging from 12 inches long through to 90 inches long, as well as any custom size you wish. I think this image would lend itself to both a gloss media like Fuji Flex and/or Cotton Rag Photographic Paper. Both look amazing printed on these finishes as large as possible.


Western Australian Rural Farmland

Added a new image to the limited editions gallery yesterday. Taken on a warm summers evening in the rural area of Western Australia. The dry grasses and red earth just scream outback Australia.

Available as a limited edition print of 60 this image is currently avalable in three sizes, 30, 45 and 60 inches.

You can find this image under The Western Australian Section


Western Australia’s South West

Recently I travelled to the Margaret River / Dunsborough region of Western Australia for a 4 day family vacation / shoot. While the family slept-in every morning, I managed to wake each morning around 4.20am to head out to location scouted from a previous trip or day before scout to set up for first light of the morning. While most mornings provided pretty average light there where moments when the light was nicely filtered by passing clouds allowing for some nice images to be taken for the portfolio. 

Below is one of the first I have had the time to prepare for the blog and ultimately the galleries within Spool Photography. This image was taken around 6am after a brief shower or two when the sun came through the clouds just enough to provide a nice yellow hue over the green vines of a Margaret River Winery.


Cottesloe Beach Pylon

The famous local Pylon at Cottesloe Beach. Really not sure why this Pylon is so close to the beach or what purpose it serves these days as it was built in 1936 and is the last remaining feature of the shark proof fence that once lay 80 meters off the beach. I think it has more historical value than anything else and has been used in several inter surf club practical jokes over the year. In 2003 I read that is was deemed a heritage landmark.

Well this is how I see the Pylon a Cottesloe Beach. I’m glad it is still there even though it is starting to look very weathered and worn. Its nice to see some things remain in Perth from yesteryear with so many historic sites now bulldozed since the 1980′s.

Historical Cottesloe Pylon Limited Edition Print
Image for sale in limited number of 60

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Cottesloe Beach Western Australia

This week I have added a few new images to the Spool Photography Galleries. The first being a limited edition image of Western Australia’s Premier Beach, Cottesloe Beach. Located just 20 minutes outside the City of Perth, Cottesloe Beach has many restaurants and cafes along its strip to enjoy an early morning breakfast while the sun rises from the east or dinner and drinks while watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean. An extremely popular beach year round, the beach has lights for those long warm evenings on the white sandy beach.

Here is an image I took around a week ago at sunrise, my favorite time of the day at Cottesloe Beach.

Cottesloe Beach Limited Edition Print
Image for sale in limited number of 60

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Western Australian Contos Landscape

Here is the first image I have had a chance to get stitched up and processed from last weekends shoot down around the Western Australian South Coast Region of Dunsborough.

This landscape image is a 6 image stitch taken at the rocks area of Contos. Contos Beach is a popular surf beach near Margaret River, Western Australia along the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.


Injidup Beach Sunrise

New image added to the gallery. Injidup Beach at sunrise in Western Australia’s South Coastal Region. Western Australia’s southern coastal region is famous for its wines in and around Margaret River, laid back lifestyle of Dunsborough and of course the surfing around Margaret River and Yallingup

Available as a limited edition print Injidup Sunrise of 60 in either 50 inches or 30 inches.