Lake Clifton Aerial

Recently I have had the opportunity to shoot some aerial around Perth. While I had only ever done one other aerial shoot some year earlier that was complete failure in part to lack of knowledge and seeking advice that led me in the wrong direction.

This time was a lot different. I went up with fixed wing plane with the doors off and I also sort advice from a friend I think is the best there is in the business here in Western Australia. With local knowledge and how to I was primed and ready for the experience. With the shoot lasting just over an hour I managed to come back home with around 15-20 really good images for my efforts, one of which is this stunning view of Lake Clifton and the Thrombolites that line the outer edges of the Lake Clifton.

If you are interested in the purchase of this image or any other you see on this site for photographic prints for the home and/or office or would like to enquiry about my stock imagery and commercial image shoots please do not hesitate to contact myself through the contact form on this website. All images are available or purchase directly though the website as either photographic prints of canvas prints delivered anywhere in the world at no extra cost to you.

Lake Clifton From Above

Aerial Image Lake Clifton Western Australia


Waterfalls In Tasmania

While I guess there would be 1000′s upon 1000′s of waterfalls in Tasmania on my last visit I was able to photograph just a couple and really only one with decent conditions. The small falls at the back of a short hike through and past another more photographed falls. Tasmania has some of the best landscape scenery for photography in Australia. I loved the diversity that was presented at every turn

I took several different perspectives view of these falls but I think I like this one the most. While the water was more than kind of cold it was freezing being the end of winter, one had to get in for the right point of view. This image has taken some time to finish as I have been stuck on a couple of things about this image for some time … I think I can safely say I have completed this image … next :)


Thanks to all those that are now reading this blog … we have jumped considerably in traffic numbers to around 350-500 per day … Once again thanks for your support … cheers Neal





Paynes Find

And the things you may find while scouting for wild flowers just a few hours drive from Perth on a weekend shoot with Mark Stothard … We came across this small lake while trying to find access to the big lake … Shooting the lake in late afternoon what really attracted us to the scene was the colour of the sky against the earth with the blazing sun on our back this really brought the colour of the sky and earth to life …


Yallingup Reef

Spent the weekend down south around Dunsborough and met up with mr Mark “True North” Stothard for a shoot Saturday evening and again on Sunday morning … Well we will not talk about Sunday morning as the light was some of the worst there could have been. But saturday night was a little different. What promised to be an inspiring sunset ended up being good without being spectacular.

I have always liked the art by Michael R Nelson and I remember seeing his work for the first time round 1988 on my first trip to Hawaii.  It was always a trip to see his paintings of marine life and the landscape in the same frame from water level, with the colors where so rich. While I was scoring over the tidal pools at Yallingup looking for a composition or two, his work came to mind, which lead me to look more at what was just a few feet from me and to see if I could use that with the sky … So I guess this australian landscape photography is inspired by a hawaiian painter  …

It is always fun and exhilarating to get out there and challenge what you want to see but end up seeing as the light and conditions change, with the result sometimes and appreciation of the time spent not fully apparent till well after the time has passed …



Sand Dunes Western Australia

Well it has been sometime since my last post. In reality I have not really had anything I thought was worth a posting and life has been busy in the real world so the cyber world suffered. But situations are always evolving and recently I have manage to get out on few shoots and now have a few new images of some Australian landscapes that I can share through the blog.

First up is a shot taken a week or so ago spending the night up at some dunes with Mark Stohard. An interesting shoot as we shot both dusk and dawn to very different colours and conditions. With the aftermath of a heavy storm on the friday night it was somewhat calm and still at the dunes. This image is a series of images blended together for colour and resolution. Having produced a few square images in the last 12 months and as I see them printed and framed I become more and more inclined to produce more.

I recently printed, framed and sold a square image from Esperance. After final inspection before delivery to the client I found myself standing back and thinking wow, thats mine and its square what is going on ? …. The final print was a image taken of Lucky Bay Esperance. An image not to dissimilar from this dune shot in tone and simplicity, so I can see myself looking more and more for opportunities to produce square landscape prints


An Antique Look At Yosemite Granite Cliffs

While talk on a few blogs of late has been about altered landscapes, dark foreboding scenes with little of no visual appeal to myself, I still love my landscapes where mother nature and the grand landscapes she provides continue to inspire and fascinate me. There is nothing quite like standing at a location, looking out at the scene before you and thinking WOW this is just stunning. With that one has to go back to Ansel Adams, the photographer that brought stunning majestic breathtaking scenes into our lives through his camera and lens. While I pour over his work weekly and never tire at looking through his eyes at the beautiful landscape photography that he took.  I thought it was time I went back through some of my images to work a few a black & white landscape prints this time trying to better represent the scene within the zones and some with an antique look/feel.

The photography period I was recently looking through of Ansel Adams was his American landscape photography works circa 1916 through 1930 and while I do not own a camera that I have to use glass plates and messy chemicals etc I still wanted to see if I could achieve a similar look to an image while using a digital camera. Playing around with this landscape print from Yosemite National Park for a few weeks on and off I think I have managed to show an antique look while preserving the clarity of a modern day camera … In the end the process was quite easy, getting the look right was a little tougher though … A few simple layers where certain parts I sharpened and others I blurred and a couple of blended layers of a burnt orange and then a vingrette blend of 2 or 3 and some white wash blends and finally so very light opacity rub ins of the original black and white image to the finished image  and it starts to look pretty good. I gained a lot of enjoyment working through this image especially after I had completed the Black & White steps and was ready to take on the next step of trying to achieve this antique look and feel.

I chose this image for a few reasons, the 3 diagonal lines of different light to the strong ridge line that gave form and contrast to the sky, the way the shadows played against the granite I knew I could get some colour into certain parts and then wash out the colour parts and the tall straight pine trees that I darken to become a frame instead of a an item within the frame of the image … Now just to print is up on some old textured paper and it should come out very nice.

Here is my final proof at a photograph taken yesteryear, but with todays technology …

I think this would look crazy good printed around 30*20 inches  … Something I’ll have to get printed for the office …

Back to color soon … maybe ;)


Spool Photography Gets A Fresh New Look

With many hours spent drafting and planning the latest update it is with great relief to finally have the vision I had of the site around 12 months ago finally come to life.

Earlier today we went live with the final updates to the site and I must say the guys and in particular Dave from Clever Starfish have done an amazing job once again. With a cleaner look, faster loading times and bigger brighter sample size images as well as a total revamp of the popular “In Your Home” feature the site looks amazing.

Over the past few months I have gone over every image in my portfolio and prepared the very best sample files for the website one can do. The samples are larger, clearer and brighter giving you the best idea via a website display of what the final print will look like.

The final print in your home will always outshine anything that can be represented on a website and the limitations of website browsers etc. The current sample files provided on this site are the best one will see …

The fully secure e-cart system is super fast and encrypted to the Australian Standard put forth by Westpac bank, one of Australia’s biggest and best banks. A SSL certificate secures your online profile and transactions by encrypting credit card and personal information and providing a safe route of communication for your online payments through the gateway of E-Way and Westpac Bank. No information other than your name, order and delivery address is kept by this site. All sensitive information about your purchase goes through the E-way security cart system and WestPac Bank, not myself.

I have now also added Classic Desktop Frames to the site where you can purchase these stunning brushed aluminium frames with a horizontal panoramic image of your choice from the open edition prints. The frame measures 12in(30cm) x 6in(15cm) and makes a great gift idea to brighten up your home or office desk or coffee table. Priced at just $49 for anyone within Australia and $69 for anyone outside Australia the price is inclusive of any shipping costs incurred at the point of postage. Check out the sample pics of the frames on the classic desktop frames page

So please take a few minutes to look around the site, checking out all the new features and landscape prints available for purchase directly through this site.

Cheers Neal


Esperance Western Australia

One of the most beautiful beaches here in Western Australia is West Beach in Esperance. A simply stunning Western Australia landscape. Over the course of a few days I spent in and around Esperance photographing the best beaches of Western Australia, this would up there with the top 2 beaches I found in Esperance and now I have it available as a landscape print up to 70 inches in length.

I would go far as to say that this beach in Esperance would be one of the best beaches in Australia.

Please click the thumbnail below for the full size image sample file.

This landscape print of Esperance is available under “Open Editions” Western Australia