3 Sisters Blue Mountains

The 3 Sisters are a rock formation in the Blue Mountains of NSW Australia. Located at Echo Point they are 922, 918 & 906 metres tall or around 3000 feet above sea level.

This image was taken last winter on a very cold and dark morning. Waiting for the sun to rise I was hoping the sun would provide the right light between the 2 large rock plateaus and the 3 sisters.

I was rewarded for the cold early start with a stunning sunrise over one of Australia’s Iconic National Landmarks. The 3 Sisters At The Blue Mountains.


Govetts Leap Blue Mountains Australia

Taken on very cold evening after sunset from the scenic lookout at the Blue Mountains in NSW called Govetts Leap.

Image will be made available as a fine art print in an assortment of sizes and finishes through the website Spoolphotography.com “Open Edition” section in the coming weeks.


Narrabean Pools Sydney Australia

Recently I spent several days shooting landscape image for Spoolphotography.com over in NSW. In the time I was there I visited several of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, The Blue Mountains and spent some time shooting the Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge. So over the next few weeks I hope to bring my blog readers several new images from these regions.

Here is one of Narrabean Pools just north of Sydney on one of its many very picturesque beaches.


Sydney’s Opera House

Just back from my 10 day photographic journey through Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the Blue Mountains and a couple of days shooting in and around Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House.

First image I thought I would prepare for the blog is a shot taken of the Opera House in Sydney, one of Australia’s favorite icons. This shot was taken before sunrise when the sun was just starting to light up the high clouds that where overhead turning the early morning light a subtle pink.