Sydney Coastline Images

While waiting for the impending birth of our first child I thought I would dig up an image I took on my last trip to Sydney, New South Wales. Taken on one of Sydney many rocking coastlines this image is a stitched image with each image I waited for the wave to crash along the rock ledge so when it was stitched it would show each section of the rock shelf with one of the waves that crashed against the rock ledge leading into the dark depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Hope you enjoy the image. It is for sale as a Limited Edition Print under the Australian section of the main site Spoolphotography.com


Spool Photography New Blog

Welcome to the first post on my new Spool Photography blog. The Spool Photography blog will be somewhere I intend to showcase my latest images, with some tips and handy hints to the locations that I shoot.

To kick things off for the first post here is an image I recently took on my travels to the island of Maui.
This image was taken towards the end of the day when the winds from the north of the island seem to pick up and cross the mountain peaks in search of the pacific ocean on the southern side. Every evening I was in Maui I experienced this and while is never rained on the southern side of the island, you could easily see the rain over mountains and within the valleys of Maui. Quite spectacular to witness each evening.

This image is for sale as a Fine Art Limited Edition Print –  Maui Mountains