Western Australian Beaches

With all the nice light around currently due to the warm humid weather, give me New Orleans/ Cairns weather everyday of the week, I have been out a fair bit shooting a variety of locations this past week or so.

One of the locations I have shot recently was 3 or 4 beaches around Perth with varying results. Some shot during the day to capture those stunning wispy white clouds and turquoise waters and others taken at or before dawn or sunsets.

Heres a little image taken during one of those golden sunsets we had last week here in Perth, Western Australia.


South Perth Yacht Club

A couple of weeks back made a trip over to South Perth as it looked like we may have a nice sunset and thinking that I thought the Yacht Club may make a nice image. Well the sunset was very nice only thing was all the color was over the ocean and maybe a good 60 mins south of where I was.

So I was left with a moody and dark image of the Yacht Club as the dark ominous clouds gathered over the city and the last rays of sunlight provided some lighting against the million dollar boats sitting in their pens at South Perth Yacht Club on a calm and moody evening on the Swan River.


Mindarie Beach Landscape

Another landscape image from the dunes of Mindarie Beach on the outskirts of Perth, Western Australia.

I really like the open spaces in summer of Mindarie Beach compared to most of the other beaches in and around Perth. The wide open sands and shallow waters make for very nice swimming spot north of Perth. In winter the beach erodes quite severely with many rocks exposed and dangerous swimming conditions. In summer it is well worth the trip north to what I think is the best beach within the Perth metropolitan area.

Enjoy the Sunset Over Mindarie Lanscape Image


New ways to view Spool Photography Galleries

Now you can view all the images in the gallery by format, ie Horizontal Panoramic, Standard Vertical, Standard Horizontal and Vertical Panoramic via the new viewing platform on Spool Photography.

Heres a screen shot of the new viewing platform. I have linked the image below to one of the formats from there you can choose what format you would like to look through.

Recently I have been spending a fair amount of time shooting down and around the South West Of Western Australia. In the coming weeks I hope to have a number of new images up in the galleries for viewing. With some new exciting developments planned for the 1st quarter of 2009 and new location shoots being planned so stay tuned.


Cottesloe Beach Pylon

The famous local Pylon at Cottesloe Beach. Really not sure why this Pylon is so close to the beach or what purpose it serves these days as it was built in 1936 and is the last remaining feature of the shark proof fence that once lay 80 meters off the beach. I think it has more historical value than anything else and has been used in several inter surf club practical jokes over the year. In 2003 I read that is was deemed a heritage landmark.

Well this is how I see the Pylon a Cottesloe Beach. I’m glad it is still there even though it is starting to look very weathered and worn. Its nice to see some things remain in Perth from yesteryear with so many historic sites now bulldozed since the 1980′s.

Historical Cottesloe Pylon Limited Edition Print
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Cottesloe Beach Western Australia

This week I have added a few new images to the Spool Photography Galleries. The first being a limited edition image of Western Australia’s Premier Beach, Cottesloe Beach. Located just 20 minutes outside the City of Perth, Cottesloe Beach has many restaurants and cafes along its strip to enjoy an early morning breakfast while the sun rises from the east or dinner and drinks while watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean. An extremely popular beach year round, the beach has lights for those long warm evenings on the white sandy beach.

Here is an image I took around a week ago at sunrise, my favorite time of the day at Cottesloe Beach.

Cottesloe Beach Limited Edition Print
Image for sale in limited number of 60

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