Large Framed Australian Landscape Images

Recently I had a request for a size of image I do not normal do. The client wanted the image to be a certain size and aspect ratio. After a couple of attempts at finding the right size and ratio we settles on 70 inches by 40 inches. Sending the file off to print I was a little nervous about the size. While everything looked good on the monitors, one still has a little reservation on printing this large until the final product is seen and inspected.

Well after printing I was very happy with the result, and then onto the framing, again nervous about size and type of frame that would be used. Earlier today I was able to see the final product before delivery to the client and I must say the size and scope of the print and subject matter was stunning and while I am always hesitant to pipe up and sing a little praise about my work but this time I will for a change. I think the final product from landscape photography, to the print quality from my printers and framing from the framer Chris at Leamac is as good as anything I have seen before in a landscape photography print and framing anywhere.

The clients final product ….




Esperance Western Australia

One of the most beautiful beaches here in Western Australia is West Beach in Esperance. A simply stunning Western Australia landscape. Over the course of a few days I spent in and around Esperance photographing the best beaches of Western Australia, this would up there with the top 2 beaches I found in Esperance and now I have it available as a landscape print up to 70 inches in length.

I would go far as to say that this beach in Esperance would be one of the best beaches in Australia.

Please click the thumbnail below for the full size image sample file.

This landscape print of Esperance is available under “Open Editions” Western Australia


Sydney’s Opera House

Just back from my 10 day photographic journey through Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the Blue Mountains and a couple of days shooting in and around Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House.

First image I thought I would prepare for the blog is a shot taken of the Opera House in Sydney, one of Australia’s favorite icons. This shot was taken before sunrise when the sun was just starting to light up the high clouds that where overhead turning the early morning light a subtle pink.


Western Australian Beaches

With all the nice light around currently due to the warm humid weather, give me New Orleans/ Cairns weather everyday of the week, I have been out a fair bit shooting a variety of locations this past week or so.

One of the locations I have shot recently was 3 or 4 beaches around Perth with varying results. Some shot during the day to capture those stunning wispy white clouds and turquoise waters and others taken at or before dawn or sunsets.

Heres a little image taken during one of those golden sunsets we had last week here in Perth, Western Australia.