Karijini National Park

Earlier this year I had the chance to visit Karijini National Park. While I have been there a couple of times before this was the first time I was able to get up there in the wet season. And a vastly different place it is at this time of year.

Firstly there was a cyclone that ripped through the area just north of Karijini National Park a few days before but it also left a vast amount of rain in and around Karijini, cutting off access roads and towns. If we had planned to go up 2 days earlier we would of not of been able to get through the closed access roads.

We waiting the main roads department close all the roads and reopen them slowly over the course of 3 days from the comfort of home and the Department Of Main Roads website updates …

Two days before the last of the access roads opened we set off on the 1600km drive up to Karijini National Park. Stopped off at Coral bay for a night before heading into the park.

One the best reasons to go in the wet season is the storms firing in over the land. They make for some spectacular colour to an already stunning landscape as evident below with a late afternoon summer storm that surrounded us me as I shot over the gorges below. Incredible light and stunning scenery, you cant ask for more than that …


South Perth Yacht Club

A couple of weeks back made a trip over to South Perth as it looked like we may have a nice sunset and thinking that I thought the Yacht Club may make a nice image. Well the sunset was very nice only thing was all the color was over the ocean and maybe a good 60 mins south of where I was.

So I was left with a moody and dark image of the Yacht Club as the dark ominous clouds gathered over the city and the last rays of sunlight provided some lighting against the million dollar boats sitting in their pens at South Perth Yacht Club on a calm and moody evening on the Swan River.