Eperance Beaches

Well it has been some time since my last post. In this time I have been working on my “Open Edition Landscape Panoramic Images” as well as looking through over 2000 images taken on a 10 day trek through Western Australia’s Great Southern Region.

In those 10 days I visited the Stirling Ranges, Esperance and Cape Le Grand as well as a couple of days in Albany and a night in Pemberton.

While most of my trip was spent down around the Esperance region I did manage to capture a few nice images that I will be showing on this blog of Albany, the Stirling Ranges and Pemberton. While I did get some nice light quite a few days where no god for shooting because of either harsh light, calm burn offs or too many hours driving between locations. Because of this I will be revisiting the Pemberton, Stirling Ranges region of Western Australia in the coming weeks, so be on the look out for those images.

First up is a coule of images from the recent trip. One of the stirling ranges and one of an amazing Esperance sunset on the beach. Both of these images will be made available for sale via the “Open Edition” section of the website in the coming weeks. If you would like to purchase either of these images before they go live on the website, please just shoot me an email via the contact page on Spoolphotography.com and I will respond within 24hrs with sizes and prices.


Neal Pritchard


Margaret River Surf

Soon Spool Photography with have a whole new section of images to choose from. Over the last 4-6 weeks I have been gathering around 50 odd images to be showcased under an Open Edition section of Spool Photography.

Here is a sample of one of those images that will be included in this field. Taken last April “08″ Margaret River Surf was taken just after first light when there was a offshore breeze that gave the crashing waves a neat curl to them, the tops of the waves spray blowing back over the crest of the wave. I tried to line the top of the curling wave as the horizon as so many times I see images and the horizon is just flat and kind of boring. I thought it maybe more interesting if I gave the impression the crashing wave was the horizon … 



Mindarie Beach Print

Please to release a new landscape panoramic image of Mindarie Beach at sunset. During the past week we have had a couple of nice sunsets. Seeing the clouds gather I readied my photographic gear and headed to a beach no far from from me to capture the last light of the day.

I’m glad I made the trip up to Mindarie Beach as the sunset was quite stunning with low rolling cloud formations just as the sun was setting.