Waterfalls In Tasmania

While I guess there would be 1000′s upon 1000′s of waterfalls in Tasmania on my last visit I was able to photograph just a couple and really only one with decent conditions. The small falls at the back of a short hike through and past another more photographed falls. Tasmania has some of the best landscape scenery for photography in Australia. I loved the diversity that was presented at every turn

I took several different perspectives view of these falls but I think I like this one the most. While the water was more than kind of cold it was freezing being the end of winter, one had to get in for the right point of view. This image has taken some time to finish as I have been stuck on a couple of things about this image for some time … I think I can safely say I have completed this image … next :)


Thanks to all those that are now reading this blog … we have jumped considerably in traffic numbers to around 350-500 per day … Once again thanks for your support … cheers Neal





Hopetoun Falls Victoria

Hopetoun Falls … While a very popular Australian waterfall to hike and photograph, to actually getting a nice shot of these falls is a little harder than I originally thought a year or so ago. With the color of the water and flow of the waterfall dictating what you come away with. Now with a couple of return visits timing was just perfect on my last visit. I am finally happy with how the landscape and water looked for my print of one of Australia’s most popular waterfall landscapes Hopetoun Falls.

Purchasing this image is made easy through the webpage on this site http://www.spoolphotography.com/open-edition/australia_1/hopetoun-falls/


Seasons Flow

What you say two posts in under 24 hours … I know posts have been few and far between but in all honestly I really have not had too much exciting new stuff to post. Now after completing a few location shoots I will have some new postings again as I have many new australian landscape images to share with those that follow this blog …

Here is a recent image taken from the top of a waterfall looking down … Quite and interesting point of view and one I very much like …


California Landscape Prints

Recently returned from a 3 week shot in Northern California. Visiting places from San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge out to Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe and through to the Mt Shasta area in the far north of California. In the coming weeks and months I will be posting quite a few images from my travels as well as some new images from Sydney New South Wales and the South Coast area of Western Australia, so be on the look out for those.

First up is a waterfall area near Mt Shasta in Northern California I visited a few weeks ago. Taken in the fall season on a overcast day the colors came through more than I could of hoped for.

This image will be made available in the “Open Edition” section of Spoolphotography.com in the coming weeks.

If you would like to purchase a fine art print of this waterfall before then please contact myself through the contact form listed on the site. This image will be made available in sizes ranging from 12 inches long through to 75 inches long, as well as any custom size you wish. I think this image would be best printed on a hi gloss media like Fuji Flex. This would really make those greens and yellows shine.