Sydney Coastline Images

While waiting for the impending birth of our first child I thought I would dig up an image I took on my last trip to Sydney, New South Wales. Taken on one of Sydney many rocking coastlines this image is a stitched image with each image I waited for the wave to crash along the rock ledge so when it was stitched it would show each section of the rock shelf with one of the waves that crashed against the rock ledge leading into the dark depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Hope you enjoy the image. It is for sale as a Limited Edition Print under the Australian section of the main site Spoolphotography.com


Western Australian Beaches

With all the nice light around currently due to the warm humid weather, give me New Orleans/ Cairns weather everyday of the week, I have been out a fair bit shooting a variety of locations this past week or so.

One of the locations I have shot recently was 3 or 4 beaches around Perth with varying results. Some shot during the day to capture those stunning wispy white clouds and turquoise waters and others taken at or before dawn or sunsets.

Heres a little image taken during one of those golden sunsets we had last week here in Perth, Western Australia.


Margaret River Surf

Soon Spool Photography with have a whole new section of images to choose from. Over the last 4-6 weeks I have been gathering around 50 odd images to be showcased under an Open Edition section of Spool Photography.

Here is a sample of one of those images that will be included in this field. Taken last April “08″ Margaret River Surf was taken just after first light when there was a offshore breeze that gave the crashing waves a neat curl to them, the tops of the waves spray blowing back over the crest of the wave. I tried to line the top of the curling wave as the horizon as so many times I see images and the horizon is just flat and kind of boring. I thought it maybe more interesting if I gave the impression the crashing wave was the horizon …