Weano Gorge Sunset Karijini NP

On my last evening inside Karijini National Park, I was witness to an amazing sunset over one of the most breathtaking locations within Australia. Karijini National Park after the wet season with its new green growth against the red earth of the far north is stunning. In the right light you really have a very very rough time making an critical decision on where to point your camera … On this particular evening I spent around 2 hours hiking along the rim of both Weano and Hancock Gorge taking a lot of images, watching the light change as sunset approached and making sure i was in a good position when and if the light was going to peak.

Weano Gorge Karijini National Park now availible in many sizes through the main site galleries

Theres nothing else that I have seen in Australia that compares to Karijini National Park after a decent wet season.