Workshop refund policy & what to bring along

What to Bring To The Workshops

Your digital SLR camera or even a point and shoot its totally your choice.

Lenses. I typically like to have at least 1 fairly wide angle lens around the 17-21mm, one medium lens 35-50mm and something with a little more reach 100mm and above. If you have more bring it along if you have less and just one lens bring that, We will work with what you have.

Tripod. A sturdy tripod please.

Filters like ND grads and a Circular Polarizer if you have them great, if you don’t not to worry, I am trying to use my filters less and less and produce better clarity without the added filter in front of my lens.

Extra batteries, shoot outdoors and sometimes with conditions lasting a fair while we need those batteries to be charged and ready to go …

Extra memory cards. We will be shooting in RAW format so space is always an issue, stock up so you don’t miss that shot.

Clothing & shoes. Layers of clothing you can add if/when temperature and wind conditions change, and they can! And wear good, comfortable walking shoes!

Rain gear. Not just for your camera but you also, just incase we need to hunker down while that passing shower passes before revealing the stunning light show. Positive thinking :)

Generally I try and keep hiking to a minimum although we will have some walking it will be nothing more than the equivalent a few laps of a local park oval or similar. If for any reason I have a workshop that requires good fitness and hiking skills this will be made known at the time of advertising the workshop.

Refunds and Cancelations Policy

Because of the limited number of participants within the workshop just 3 and the expenditure of each workshop full refunds for cancelations can be given unto 30 days before the workshop commencement date. If for unforeseen reasons I need to cancel a workshop a full refund of the workshop fee will be given regardless of date of cancellation. This is to protect your investment and mine as I only work in very small groups of 3