SP_325wa Kings Park Sunset

Kings Park Sunset

One of the two best views of the city of Perth comes from Kings Park. With our city changing all the time with new buildings and development in these boom mining times I ventured up to Kings Park on more than a few occasions recently to capture a more up to date view of the City.

On this evening I was treated to gorgeous sunset over the city of Perth and its new skyline now complete, for the time being. Firing off just a few frames to capture the sunset just at the right time to balance colour of sunset and the last rays of golden light reflection in the windows of the tallest buildings in Perth.

Customer Comments

Dear Neal My newly renovated studio in the Upper West Side Manhattan. The print is impressive and everyone who sees it thinks it is beautiful. Happy to sell Perth that way.Thank you again for creating the image and advice on delivery. Warmest regards Diana P

Hi Neal
I have just unpacked both photos, which took ages by the time I got all the bubble wrap and tape off. It was worth the wait though. They are both simply stunning! To tell the truth, I got a bit watery eyed when I got a good look at them. They represent home for me. Thank you so much. Norma