SP_335wa Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park
Map location of Karijini National Park

The sunsets and sunrises are spectacular inside Karijini National Park. This shot was taken around a hour before those colours of sunset came into play. The reason I took the shot well before sunset was as the sun was low on the horizon over my left shoulder the red rock in the cliffs began to really turn the most amazing colour of red. Once the sun had gone down the sky was beautiful but the cliffs had become a little to dark and the emphasis of these amazing cliffs was taken away with the brilliant colours of the sky and I really wanted to show the cliffs in the most brilliant form.

"Karijini National Park"

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Hi Neal, the prints just arrived. They're in excellent condition and the framer complimented your packing job.I'll be sure to send some photos of them, all framed up, when I get back to Vancouver in December. Thanks again Neal, Callum